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DTS Turns 20 on 7.1 Day

DTS, Inc. recently celebrated its 20th anniversary on "DTS 7.1 Day," an official holiday in the state of California.

Calabasas, CA (July 8, 2013)-DTS, Inc. recently celebrated its 20th anniversary on “DTS 7.1 Day,” an official holiday in the state of California.

In recognition of its 20th anniversary, DTS released an infographic titled “Making the World Sound Better,” commemorating key company milestones and accomplishments that have occurred since DTS was founded in 1993. The anniversary infographic was introduced as part of DTS 7.1 Day, a July 1 holiday declared by the state of California which honored DTS’ technologies-such as its 7.1 surround sound solutions-and economic and entertainment contributions to the arts.

“These last 20 years at DTS have been a tremendous experience and I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring,” said Jon Kirchner, chairman and CEO at DTS. “In the course of the past two decades, DTS witnessed the CE and entertainment industries undergo several substantial changes, including the shift from film to digital cinema, the Internet boom, the rise of Blu-ray, the rapid evolution of processing power in CE products, streaming media, social media and the transition to digital content consumption. Embracing the many changes that span the industries in which we do business, DTS is still here and stronger than ever, proving that sound matters.”

In its founding year, DTS had a total of 46 patents. In 2013, 20 years later, the company now holds 695 patents. By its 10-year anniversary, DTS’ audio technologies had shipped in more than 200 million CE products worldwide. In 2009, the state of California officially recognized July 1 as 7.1 Day.

Marking this year’s 7.1 Day, DTS will be hosting a month-long, 20-year anniversary sweepstakes across its Facebook and Twitter pages that will award prizes such as a Yamaha soundbar, Toshiba tablet, Jurassic Park Blu-ray discs-the film that introduced DTS master-quality sound in 1993-and more.