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EBU, Magix Adopt MPG Metadata

Magix Software's Sequoia DAW will support the Music Producers Guild's efforts to establish an industry standard for embedding ISRC data within digital music files.

London, UK (April 3, 2013)—Magix Software’s Sequoia DAW will support the Music Producers Guild’s efforts to establish an industry standard for embedding ISRC data within digital music files.

Magix Software will incorporate EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Broadcast WAV (BWF) files in the latest software update for its Sequoia Digital Audio Workstation. Andre Standke, product manager Sequoia, Magix, says, “As optical media is gradually replaced by file- and server-based audio content, we will continue to support the changes to the mastering process with innovative developments such as EBU tech3352 and we are happy to announce this feature is now incorporated into Sequoia, our number-one product on the market.”

ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is uniquely allocated to every song recorded. These codes are then registered with royalty payment agencies, thus ensuring that recording artists and copyright holders are properly remunerated for their work when it is played on radio or TV.

In the past, the ISRC information was included within sub data streams of a CD. But in today’s digital age, where music is often stored on digital WAV files, the ability to securely associate ISRC data with specific tracks has been lost. This is because the only common way to incorporate ISRC into a WAV file is via the file name-and if someone changes the file name or it is truncated or amended by a software program, the vital ISRC information can easily go missing.

The MPG’s Mastering Group has been working closely with the EBU to develop an industry-approved method for embedding ISRC data within a WAV file. Following discussions, it was agreed that the best solution was to use the EBU’s existing BWF, a variant of the traditional WAV file that was developed for use by broadcasters. The EBU has now agreed to adopt the BWF as standard so that ISRC data can be securely associated with specific tracks.

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