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Embody, Audeze Team On Spatial Audio Plug-In

New plug-in creates personalized spatial audio profile.

San Mateo, CA (November 11, 2019)—Embody, in partnership with Audeze, has launched Reveal+ for Audeze headphones, incorporating Aural Map, a feature that creates a personalized spatial audio profile.

At the heart of Aural Map is a machine learning algorithm that models a listener’s unique hearing anatomy, or Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF), from a single image of his or her right ear. Creating a personalized spatial profile is “a one-time, frictionless process that takes less than 30 seconds,” according to the company.

Audeze Adds Pro Audio Features

Using Reveal+ and Audeze headphones, the expanded soundstage combined with a detailed room emulation model is intended to create a realistic, out-of-head listening experience.

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The Reveal+ personalized spatial audio plug-in works with any digital audio workstation or audio player. Audio lifestyle technology company Embody has reportedly optimized the sound for every headphone designed by Audeze.

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