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Enco Streamlines RadiOhio

Columbus-based broadcaster RadiOhio has deployed an ENCO1 server for its two radio stations.

Southfield, MI (July 8, 2015)—Columbus-based broadcaster RadiOhio has deployed an ENCO1 server for its two radio stations.

RadiOhio, a longtime Enco DAD customer, had reportedly been seeking a way to streamline costs and operations across its six studios and four edit suites. The broadcaster centralized its DAD workstations in master control a few years back and ran KVM extensions into each studio, however the architecture proved less reliable and efficient than expected. Since transitioning to ENCO1, the network has simplified infrastructure and operations, eliminating studio hardware, redundant power supplies, and reducing 25RU of rack space to 4RU in the technical core.

ENCO1 is designed to be a fault-tolerant virtualized system with a specification for radio automation environments. Its scalable design replaces many disparate workstations and servers across a facility, leveraging IP audio technologies to operate virtualized Enco DAD automation systems.

“On a purely operational level, ENCO1 eliminated the performance issues we were having with keyboard, mouse and touchscreen responsiveness across the KVM architecture,” said Greg Armstrong, director of engineering for WBNS-AM-FM, RadiOhio. “But the beauty of what ENCO1 offers is complete duplication of our automation operation across the entire facility, due to a fully redundant, fault-tolerant server. And we envision a considerable long-term cost savings given the longer life span and lower replacement costs of a thin client versus hardware-based workstations. Enco appears to be well ahead of the curve in terms of virtualizing radio automation.”