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Endless Noise Wins Clio Awards

Music company Endless Noise has won three 2012 Clio Awards, including two for its work on "The Bark Side" for Volkswagen.

Santa Monica, CA (May 3, 2012)—Music company Endless Noise has won three 2012 Clio Awards, including two for its work on “The Bark Side” for Volkswagen.

Endless Noise won a Gold Clio in the category Music (Adapted), plus a Bronze Clio in Sound Design, for its work on behalf of client VW on the spot “The Bark Side.” The company also won a Silver Clio in the category of Music (Licensed) for its VW spot, “Rocketman.”

As reported in PSN April, Endless Noise crafted the “Imperial March” (also known as the “Darth Vader Theme”) as a piece of music emanating from the mouths of a dozen dogs for “The Bark Side.” Volkswagen and Deutsch, Los Angeles, unveiled “The Bark Side” as a 60-second 2012 Super Bowl teaser on YouTube (16 million hits to date) and then on broadcast TV during an episode of The Middle on ABC.

The ad was directed by Keith Schofield of Caviar Content, who said the dogs were shot together and then separately on the set, barking to a temporary track created by Elmassian, who was also behind the arrangement of John Williams’ original Vader march for “The Force,” last year’s VW Super Bowl spot. For the final track, Elmassian created a mix of archived dog barks and yelps recorded on set, rounded out by newly recorded woofs and howls, a number of which were later pitched to match the actual tune.

For VW’s “Rocketman” spot, the words to Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” from his 1972 album, Honky Chateau, are hopelessly mangled by a variety of would-be singers. Endless Noise provided the sound design, helped pre-arrange the music and even created an elevator music version of this track.

Creative if misguided interpretations include “burning out this useless telephone,” “my hair is gone” and “burning up the room with cheap cologne.” It’s not until a couple gets behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Passat that someone gets the words right.

Endless Noise