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Gibson To Acquire Cakewalk

By Clive Young. Gibson Brands has announced its intent to purchase Cakewalk from the software company’s parent, Roland Corporation.

New York, NY (September 24, 2013)—Gibson Brands has announced its intent to purchase Cakewalk from the software company’s parent, Roland Corporation.

Gibson and Roland have entered into a letter of intent, but upon sealing the deal, Cakewalk will be split in two, publishing its consumer releases under its current name while handing over its professional products to a new brand, TASCAM Professional Software, which will be created to publish Cakewalk’s professional product slate.

Sonar will continue to be developed, becoming the main product of the new TASCAM Professional Software division, although Cakewalk will handle the product’s customer support. A Macintosh-native version of Sonar is still not in the cards, says the company, although “Mac and iOS support for other products will play an important part in Cakewalk’s future,” according to a statement.

Cakewalk’s management and staff will remain in Boston in the company’s current offices; the software developer will be treated as an independent division.

Gibson has been on a pro audio spending spree in recent years—a move that started with the acquisition of Stanton Group and its brands KRK, Cerwin-Vega and Stanton in December, 2011. Since then, it’s become a major shareholder in Onkyo (January, 2012) and, in March, 2013, TEAC (other brands under Gibson’s Pro Audio flag include Integra and Esoteric). Reflecting the changing landscape within a company best known for its guitars, Gibson rechristened itself as Gibson Brands in June this year.

Gibson Brands chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz noted in a statement, “As an addition to the Gibson Pro Audio Group, Cakewalk will enhance their flagship professional products, pursue provocative R&D initiatives, and continue to serve the needs of musicians and producers worldwide. This isn’t just about wanting to acquire Cakewalk’s respected product line. We’re equally excited about what Cakewalk’s R&D labs are developing for current Cakewalk fans.”

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