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GML Ends Manufacturing Deal With Manley

UK distributor Sable Marketing has confirmed that GML's (George Massenburg Labs') manufacturing agreement with Manley Labs has come to an end.

United Kingdom (August 28, 2013)—UK distributor Sable Marketing has confirmed that GML’s (George Massenburg Labs’) manufacturing agreement with Manley Labs has come to an end. Following a brief posting headed ‘Important News from GM’ on the site last week outlining the change in arrangements, Sable’s Gary Ash issued this statement from the veteran producer:

“Anyone in this industry will know I designed GML products to be built to very exacting standards. Our arrangement with Manley Labs producing for us on an OEM basis worked really well for over ten years as EveAnna and her team are as picky about QC as I am. However, we’ve got a situation now where their production has increased to a point where they’d prefer to concentrate on their own products. Costs have risen significantly for our specialist components too so, I’m looking at how best to move things ahead. We’re in talks with another specialist manufacturer about taking over manufacturing for us and this is going well.”

GML products include premium dynamic range controllers, microphone preamplifiers, channel strips, power supplies and parametric equalisers. (Massenburg designed, authored and presented the 1972 AES paper on the ‘Parametric Equaliser’, says his biography.)

“Anyone who wants a GML product can get it at the moment as there is inventory of many items available from our distributors,” continued Massenburg’s statement, “and I want to assure everyone who already has a GML product that we’re committed to supporting their gear in every way we can. Anything which needs attention, either under warranty or out of it, will be taken care of via their dealer, the local distributor or a network of specialist tech[nical] centres with experienced engineers. That aspect of support will not change.”

The 66-year-old (pictured), who has worked with dozens of star performers including Billy Joel, Randy Newman, James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, said he would be making announcements “as soon as I can” about future plans.

Sable Marketing is the UK distributor for GML, Manley Labs and Quantec products.

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