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Harro Heinz, Renkus-Heinz Co-Founder, Looks Ahead at 90

As he enters his 10th decade, Renkus-Heinz co-founder Harro Heinz makes predictions about the future of pro audio.

Foothill Ranch, CA (December 20, 2019) — Renkus-Heinz co-founder Harro Heinz entered his 10th decade on the planet this past weekend, turning 90 on Dec. 14. As it happens, it’s also the 40th anniversary of his company, Renkus-Heinz, which he’s owned solely for most of that time. While looking back was certainly in order for the day, Heinz himself is still facing forward into the future and made a number of observations and predictions about where the pro audio industry is headed.

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Speaking as a captain of industry, Harro Heinz is certain artificial intelligence is coming to professional audio sooner than we expect. “We will very soon see a speaker that can be installed in a room and immediately configure itself to provide optimal sound,” Heinz said. “The technology to digitally steer sound will soon be considered the standard because of how effectively it can be placed in a space.”

Likewise, he feels that the focus will be increasingly on the audience. “When we look at the industry today, we still see a lot of focus on the performers or the product,” Heinz said. “That’s important, of course, as you have to have great content. But more important is that we look at the audience we serve, understand what they want, and deliver impressive experiences to them. Positioning sound with precision—and putting it on the audience— positions businesses for success.”

While the pro-audio business often operates in a corporate climate these days, Heinz strongly feels that the industry’s continuing maturation can’t come at the expense of innovation. “We see commoditization continue in the audio world,” Heinz said. “What will set successful companies apart—whether they be manufacturers or integrators—will be the level of intelligence they can put behind their products and solutions. The future of AV belongs to those willing to experiment.”

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