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Jay & Silent Bob Get Miked

Kevin Smith’s SModcast Internet Radio is using Shure mics for its “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” and “Plus One Per Diem” broadcasts.

Niles, IL (August 31, 2011)—Kevin Smith’s SModcast Internet Radio (SIR) is using Shure microphones for its weekly Jay & Silent Bob Get Old and Plus One Per Diem broadcasts.

The Shure SM27 Multi-Purpose and 55SH Series II Unidyne Vocal microphones are used to bring live shows to stage as well as live broadcasts and studio-recorded radio podcasts, or “SModcasts,” to air. Hosted by Kevin Smith and respective co-hosts Jason Mewes and Jen Schwalbach, the shows are heard by an average of 300,000 nationwide listeners per week.

Ming Chen, Head of Technology for SIR, said, “We used another brand’s microphones when the podcast network first started four years ago; and since switching to Shure’s SM27 and 55SH microphones, our listeners can tell a huge difference in audio quality. With more than 80 episodes under our belt, Shure’s microphones have boosted the production value of our content, setting a new bar for podcasting today.”

The production team equipped studio offices on the East and West Coast with an assortment of Shure microphones. The Los Angeles-based studio, outfitted with six SM27 microphones, currently operates out of Smith’s private home.

Smith said, “For vocal samurai, the microphone is our sword—and I’ll face an army as long as I’m wielding a Shure. Shure mics are the Hanzo Swords of the speaking world.” Chen added, “The Shure SM27s have been more than great—just delivering fantastic sound quality out of Kevin’s home set-up. While this started as a grassroots initiative, today it is very much a professional operation, and our listeners expect premium sound and clarity with all broadcasts.”

Chad Wiggins, Category Director for Wired Products, at Shure, explained, “We’re seeing a rise in podcast activity as consumer behavior shifts more and more to emerging online content-delivery platforms. Our microphones, like all of our products, endure rigorous testing across the board to ensure that customers get the quality and exceptional performance synonymous with the Shure name, regardless of their stage—or in this case, podcast recording studio.”

In addition to the downloadable podcasts, audiences can catch other Shure products, including seven Shure Beta 58A and three Shure SM57 microphones in action on-stage at The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre, where Smith and company present live shows.