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Keeping the Competition Busy

Mahmoud Chatah, director of sales and marketing for RTW, has been working in high-tech business and in sales and marketing on an international scale, as a managing director or as a consultant, for more than 25 years.

Mahmoud Chatah, Director of Sales and Marketing, RTW

Mahmoud Chatah, director of sales and marketing for RTW, has been working in high-tech business and in sales and marketing on an international scale, as a managing director or as a consultant, for more than 25 years. He graduated as an electrical engineer from the RWTH Aachen (Technical High School Aachen) in Germany, with a focus on technical acoustics and IT.

From the mid-1980s to the mid-’90s, Chatah worked in marketing and sales for a computer business, and, at the same time, produced several music CDs. Around that time, he started his own business in supporting companies’ infrastructure needs, focusing on several broadcasters with contentmanagement and web-application solutions. In 2003, the company started supporting broadcasters with fully integrated workflows for SMS for live, on-air rendering and broadcasting.

Chatah notes that his role at RTW is to “improve the awareness of the RTW brand on an international level, improve sales figures for all company products and also assess what our customers’ needs are, if they are being met and how we can improve on meeting those needs.” In addition, the company business is heavily related to distributors and dealers. According to Chatah, RTW started expanding its OEM business last year. He started with RTW in January 2011 after a freelance consultancy period in 2010.

Chatah explains that working as a consultant helped him to familiarize himself with RTW, its brand value and the reliability of the product. “But now,” he adds, “seeing the preparation of the introduction of the TouchMonitor (RTW’s touch-screen audio meter), it really raised the vision for me that there’s a new chance for the company to roll out on an international level.”

When asked about company structure, Chatah responds, “To begin, I can tell you that RTW’s managing director, Andreas Tweitmann, has done a good job for a number of years reworking the internal structure of the company, as well as re-branding the company, which includes a new logo and a new website that we launched last year. He established a completely new level of management team in the company, which now I am proud to be a part of. The company is well prepared from its internal structure to really deliver and support the market on an international scale with the TouchMonitor family of products.”

He continues, “Basically, I have to fulfill three responsibilities: 1) Sales figures—This is simply said but always one of the most important jobs to ensure the company’s strategic development and growth targets. 2) External communication—To fulfill the need and ease of access to our international clients for information, we will continuously improve and evolve our mix of marketing activities for exhibitions, trainings, online media, social media and others. 3) Internal communication—In order to continue and further enable the delivery of products and services on the international level, we also have to adopt our internal communication structure and skills.”

Chatah reports that RTW’s biggest markets can be found not only in its home region of Germany and Europe, but also North America, Asia (especially China and Japan) and Brazil.

In dealing with its competition, Chatah explains that RTW is working to expand its competitive positioning using three basic measures—listening to its end-customers, convincing the customers about the positive features and qualities of RTW products, and delivering what has been promised. He points out, “If we focus on these three ideas and add some operational topics on top, such as the improved support for our sales channels, inventing and delivering new products as we have done with the TouchMonitor, the deal is done. Our motto is to keep our competition busy.”

As far as particular initiatives planned, Chatah reveals that the company will continue to promote the TouchMonitor, which was introduced during NAB in April. “It has been well received,” he says, “and we are constantly making upgrades to keep up with the many loudnesscontrol standards.

“We have already traveled to Asia three times and twice to the Middle East to pick up the market and customer feedback. What we expected and now see is that the loudness discussion and standardization process is in some kind of international rollout phase. With a delay of several months (which may vary individually from country to country), many regions are taking over the basics of the EBU R128 regulations and adopting these to their local needs.”

Chatah concludes, “Finally, as a German-based company, it was very important for us this year to reach out to our friends in North America and Asia. Earlier this year, we traveled to the United States to meet with current and potential business partners to establish and expand our network of distributors and our dealers for North America. As a result of this trip, we are now working closely with Group One, which is now RTW’s exclusive distributor for the United States.”

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