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Local TV is the Place for SAM

Stephen Arnold Music has unveiled "This is the Place," a new local TV audio/video branding package.

Dallas, TX (June 29, 2012)—Stephen Arnold Music has unveiled “This is the Place,” a new local TV audio/video branding package.

The new branding package follows on the heels of the company’s successful “It’s All About Early,” a market-exclusive morning image campaign that saw adoption by stations following its introduction in 2011. The up-tempo music and evocative video elements of “This is the Place” combine for a bundle that is available in 0:60, 0:30, 0:15, 0:10 and ID formats, and includes both male and female vocal versions.

“Stephen Arnold Music has successfully created the sonic brands for hundreds of local TV stations,” adds Chad Cook, VP creative director. “‘This is the Place’ builds on that experience, combining the musical experience with imagery that would fit perfectly. The result is a fresh, market-exclusive local imaging campaign that can quickly go to air. It’s a cost-effective toolkit for making a direct connection with your audience.”

Stephen Arnold Music