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L.A. Film School Works with Soundly

Sound design instructor Da La Torre noticed that students were less intimidated with sound and more prone to experiment with multi-layered sound textures using Soundly.

Los Angeles, CA (January 24, 2018)—The Los Angeles Film School and its Los Angeles Recording School division are using Soundly, a cloud-based sound library and editing tool, to teach the art of sound design and mixing.

“My approach to the art form is basically to make audio its own thing, not always necessarily linked to film but almost as an art form in itself,” says Andres De La Torre, sound design instructor at the Los Angeles Film School. “One of the tasks my students undertake is to produce audio dramas, so they delve into storytelling only with sound.”

Initially, sound effects were stored on local network hard drives at the school and students could access them in the editing labs. At one point, De La Torre and the staff copied sound effects to flash drives and handed those out to students so they could do their homework. Needing a better solution for storing and accessing sounds that was centralized, could be accessed from anywhere and could grow as students added the best captured sounds each year, they turned to Soundly.

De La Torre noticed that once students had access to a larger library with an online search tool, the sound of projects changed almost overnight. In addition to the SFX available from the Soundly cloud library, the Soundly search tool lets students search the library.

“They simply set markers on the portion of the sound they want and drag the sound directly into their Avid bins, or directly onto the Pro Tools timeline,” says De La Torre. “If they wish, they can change the pitch, reverse the sound, normalize the gain, convert to mono—all in the Soundly application, which saves loads of time from having to edit it in Pro Tools.”

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