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Lot Reborn As Audio Head

“The Tree of Life," this year's Palm d'Or winner at Cannes, marked the rebirth a long-lived sound facility in Hollywood.

Hollywood, CA (August 11, 2011)—-The Tree of Life, this year’s Palm d’Or winner at Cannes, marked the rebirth a long-lived sound facility in Hollywood.

Final mixing for The Tree of Life, from director Terrence Malick, was completed at Audio Head, a sound company that opened in 2010 on the historic studio space known as “The Lot.” The company’s facilities, which include four large dubbing stages, Foley and ADR stages, production and editorial offices, and a 130-seat screening theater, once housed the sound department of Warner Hollywood Studios, and prior to that, was home to Goldwyn Sound. The mixing stages have been used to complete sound work for some of the most memorable films in history, including The Godfather, Raging Bull, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars and West Side Story.

“The buildings, the stages, the history of this facility have more soul than any sound facility in town,” says Audio Head executive vice president Ricky DeLena. “This is the place!” DeLena adds that part of the facility’s appeal is its location on a lot, where amenities include 24-hour security, on-site parking, a commissary and relaxed studio vibe.

The new owners of Audio Head, who also own the nearby post production facility Picture Head, have enhanced the facility with updated technology while maintaining the ambience and acoustical qualities of the historic stages. That has included upgrading the Neve mixing consoles used in two of the dubbing stages to latest generation Gemini platforms and updating the software used by the Avid Icon consoles installed in stages B and C. Cosmetic remodeling was performed to improve client comfort and amenities. New production and editing offices were also built. The facility also provides a home to Martell Sound, a leading specialist in sound services for movie trailers.

Audio Head’s close proximity to and association with Picture Head also raises possibilities for packaging sound and picture services.

Audio Head