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Mark Brunner, Shure Executive, Passes

A veteran of the pro-audio industry for more than 30 years, Shure mainstay Mark Brunner passed October 1 of undisclosed causes.

Mark Brunner
Mark Brunner

Chicago, IL (October 7, 2020)—Longtime Shure executive Mark Brunner died unexpectedly on October 1, the company announced.  An employee of the company since 1989, Brunner held numerous roles during his tenure with the company, and was currently VP of Global Corporate & Government Relations.

In a 2017 interview with Pro Sound News, Brunner looked back at his time with the company, noting “In my…years at Shure, I have been fortunate to have managed almost all marketing and PR functions at one time or another, and these experiences have helped shape a solid grasp of the perception of the Shure brand — to the industry and to the public at large.

Shure president and CEO Christine Schyvinck paid tribute to Brunner, stating, “He was family to so many of us at Shure and in the industry…. He touched the lives of everyone he worked with. Mark was a trusted advisor, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend. Our thoughts are with Mark’s family at this difficult time.”

Much of Brunner’s work was related to the company’s often literally industry-leading lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. to promote the pro-audio industry’s interests in wireless device regulation, frequency spectrum allocation and more. “I have worked with other talented Shure associates worldwide to communicate to policymakers the importance of our industry’s products and technologies and to advocate for their regulatory protection, most notably in the area of spectrum policy for wireless microphones,” he said in 2017. “Ultimately, it is relationships with high-profile customers that lead to impactful marketing or advocacy efforts, which is something I have attempted to foster in my time at Shure.”

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During his time at Shure, he held several key positions, including director of Advertising and managing director of the Musical Instrument and Touring Sound business unit. While his work was often focused on the future, aiming to guide impactful legislation or marketing Shure products to the industry, Brunner carried with him a wealth of institutional knowledge as to the company’s history and culture, as he alluded to in 2017: “As someone who started at Shure before voicemail, let alone email or the internet, the greatest challenge for me is navigating today’s diverse communication landscape and understanding which channels are most effective. I still maintain a file of Mrs. Shure’s redline corrections to my dealer bulletins from 20 years ago, to remind me that the properly written word is to be respected and upheld…. Throughout [the years], the Company’s fundamental management principles have remained consistent, which means that our guideposts are crystal clear. My team and I simply want to maintain the trajectory of those who have come before us.”

Brunner was a member of The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Manufacturers Council, where he frequently shared his views on legislative wireless white space and broadband issues as well as other related industry topics. Likewise, he was a longtime member of the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA), served as its president from 2011 to 2013, and was also part of its Marketing and Retreat Planning Committees.

In a statement, Greg Beebe, chair of PAMA’s board of directors, stated, “With the passing of Mark Brunner, we have surely lost one of the leading and most impassioned and valued voices of our industry. Mark always had a remarkably positive attitude. He was a mentor, a sounding board, an advocate of best practices, a good friend and generous supporter to all who knew him. He was the voice of reason and truly made a difference. Our loss is shared by the entire music community, as he has left an indelible imprint on this industry.”

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