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MPR Upgrades Two Dozen Axia Consoles

Telos Alliance worked closely with station to facilitate the upgrade from Axia Element to Axia Fusion.

Cleveland, OH (January 19, 2018)—Minnesota Public Radio is currently upgrading its facility’s 24 Axia Element consoles to Axia Fusion consoles, working closely with The Telos Alliance, parent company to Telos, Omnia, Axia, Linear Acoustic, 25-Seven and Minnetonka.

Years ago, Minnesota Public Radio was one of the first Axia customers, outfitting its entire facility with Axia Element consoles. Now, more than a decade later, MPR is undergoing a studio-wide console upgrade.

MPR chief engineer Bill Dahlstrom and Tom Nelson, director of engineering and facilities, chose Axia Fusion consoles to replace the Element consoles throughout. “Our Axia Elements were more than 10 years old and had served us well. We were so impressed by Element and it gave us such good service that we decided to replace them with more Axia,” said Dahlstrom.

“Being part of the Livewire ecosystem also certainly simplifies things,” Dahlstrom continued. “It cuts costs because we are not interfacing physical outputs on devices. We favor products from other manufacturers that are a part of the Livewire ecosphere.”

AoIP enables a facility to upgrade gradually, over time, which is what MPR did, starting with the main, most-used studios more than a year ago. The upgrade of the final studios is scheduled to be completed in the next few months.

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