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NewBay InfoComm Best of Show Winners 2017

The Pro Audio Group of NewBay Media’s Pro Audio Group has announced its Best of Show Award winners for InfoComm 2017.

Orlando, FL (June 16, 2017)—The Pro Audio Group of NewBay Media’s Pro Audio Group has announced its Best of Show Award winners for InfoComm 2017.

NewBay Media’s Best of Show Awards are judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts from submitted nominations. Criteria include ease of installation and use/maintenance, performance, relevance, value/ROI, network friendliness, versatility, and reliability.

Allen & Heath dLive C Class
AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection – SurgeX Large Format UPS
Clair Brothers C12-TrueFit
Martin Audio XE Stage Monitor Series
Meyer Sound LINA Very Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker
Shure Axient Digital Wireless System
Vicoustic VicBooth Premium
Williams Sound, LLC Hearing HotSpot
Yamaha Corporation of America TF-RACK

The following is an in-depth rundown (in alphabetical order) of the Pro Audio Group’s winning products, with text provided directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Allen & Heath dLive C Class
dLive C Class offers the full digital mixing and processing power of Allen & Heath’s highly acclaimed, dLive S Class to create a next generation digital mixing experience in a new compact format. 

dLive C Class brings three new Surfaces and MixRacks to the dLive family expanding its applications for corporate AV, multi-purpose venues, houses of worship, theatres and regional rental companies while reinforcing its well-earned reputation for superior audio quality, an intuitive user interface with next-generation workflow, stunning FX and faithful processing emulations.

Three New Surfaces and MixRacks dLive C Class control Surfaces include a 20-fader, single-screen C2500, a 24-fader, twin screen C3500 and the ultra-compact C1500, dLive’s first 19-inch rack-mountable model. MixRacks, which house the dLive’s powerful XCVI core, also come in three sizes, the CDM64 (64-in/32-out), CDM48 (48-in/24-out) and CDM32 (32-in/16-out). dLive C Class also offers “surfaceless mixing”, using a MixRack and a laptop or tablet equipped with Allen & Heath’s “dLive Director” software.
Harmony User Interface and Transparent Workflow: Where many digital consoles still try to recreate the experience of analog mixing, dLive C Class is a true digital native. Like the dLive S Class, our new C Class Surfaces employ Allen & Heath’s “Harmony UI” with 12-inch touch screens that use intuitive gestures and touch control that responds to every pinch, swipe and drag-and-drop – exactly how you’d expect it to.

Color-mapped rotary encoders and user-assignable SoftKeys work in harmony with the touch screens, bringing the creativity and immediacy of tactile control to key processing functions. Surface layouts are fully customizable, allowing the user to create a mixing interface that reflects their own mental map of a performance, or allowing an installer to set up the Surface to match the venue and experience levels of the operators. Users can create custom ‘widget’ areas on the screens to keep track of scenes, comprehensive multipoint metering, FX and other custom controls.

Powerful Processing and Stunning FX: C Class utilizes dLive’s phenomenally powerful XCVI Core and DEEP processing FX suite. Pioneered by the Allen & Heath R&D team, the XCVI core uses next generation FPGA technology to generate enough power for 160×64 channels of processing with 96/24 sampling and delivers 128 full processing inputs and 16 stereo FX returns with variable bit depth for ultimate precision and noise performance, a virtually infinite mix headroom and class-leading latency at an ultra-low 0.7ms. Allen & Heath’s RackExtra FX portfolio integrates our proven library of reverb, delay and modulator algorithms into the dLive C Class, with 16 FX slots available, each with a dedicated stereo return. 

And, Allen & Heath’s DEEP processing architecture embeds a growing library of highly acclaimed processing emulations, including graphic EQs, dual-stage tube preamps and classic compressor models, directly within the dLive’s input and mix channels with the convenience and low latency of onboard processing. Parallel processing is available on every input channel and bus, allowing a versatile mix of compressed and dry signals while adding no latency to the mix.

In addition to the array of channel-based processing choices, dLive includes a powerful and sophisticated “Dyn8” tool boasting 4 bands of dynamic EQ and 4 bands of multiband compression. With endless applications from taming vocals to fixing drum kits, Dyn8 engines may be inserted on both input and mix channels and are auto assigned to take the stress out of patching. Allen & Heath has continued to enhance dLive’s capabilities through successive feature releases. Version 1.4 of the dLive firmware, which debuted in early 2017, brought 64 instances of Dyn8 processing along with DCA spills and a quick Virtual Soundcheck mode. 

Version 1.4 also brought new additions to the array of DEEP embedded plug-ins, including the Peak Compressor/Limiter 76 emulation of a classic compressor, plus the Multi-Stage Ducking Processor. Version 1.5 firmware introduced major enhancements to dLive scene system, plus a comprehensive MIDI over TCP/IP Protocol for integration with 3rd party equipment.

Versatile Accessories and Networking Compatibility: Each surface and rack has a 128 channel I/O port, supporting a wide array of networking cards, including Dante, Waves, MADI, fibreACE, Ethersound, GigaACE, optical and more. A tieline function allows any input to be routed to any output offering true system matrix capability, with seamless format and sample rate conversion, and with no impact on channel count or mix resources. 

dLive C Class is compatible with S Class hardware, and it interfaces directly with Allen & Heath’s ME Personal Mixing System and OneMix iPad app, empowering performers to control their own monitor mixes. A thriving ecosystem of apps, software, Ethernet and WiFi remote controllers makes it easy to create a dLive C Class system that fits the needs of any installed system or live performance.

The dLive IP6 and IP8 are next generation remote controllers that interface with a dLive mixing system via standard TCP/IP Network connections and can be networked with other controllers, computers and third party devices using a standard Ethernet infrastructure. Controls and functions are programmed using a dLive Surface or the dLive Director software for PC/Mac.

The DX32 Expander adds remote, modular I/O to a dLive system. It provides four 8 channel slots to fit a selection of analog or digital I/O. One or two DX32 Expanders can be connected to a dLive MixRack, and one DX32 can be connected to a dLive Surface.

Elegant Simplicit:y With its unparalleled performance, exceptional sonic quality, customizable workflow and intuitive user interface the dLive C Class is a digital mixing system that allows the operator to keep their focus on the live mixing experience while it makes the most sophisticated mixing challenges feel elegantly simple.

AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection SurgeX Large Format UPS
The new suite of SurgeX large format uninterruptable power supply (UPS) solutions provide instantaneous carry over power to critical systems at the precise moment of power failure and safeguard sensitive systems from the detrimental side effects of sudden loss of power by providing ample carry over power until an alternative power source is engage, until a safe shutdown is completed or until a load shed is completed by safely and properly powering down high-consumption components to leave only the critical systems online thereby expanding runtime.

From a technical innovation standpoint, each of the new large format UPS models features online double-conversion technology in addition to an integrated isolation transformer to ensure that if the source power is dirty, unstable, or lost, connected AV systems continually receive isolated and regenerated power to ensure availability and peak performance.
This conversion technology is especially critical in mobile projects or installation environments with backup power generators installed. Backup generators, though critical in installations that need to keep the lights on and systems running, provide very dirty power which can fluctuate depending on the number of components drawing power from the generator. Unclean, or noisy power is a very common power condition that can damage the sensitive electronics within installations that results in unnecessary equipment replacement and repair or, system-wide lockups. The SurgeX large format UPS solutions are installed between the generator and the connected systems to completely isolate and generate the AC output to ensure the availability of the connected gear and protect systems from the fluctuating, dirty power typically supplied by backup generators.

Another major flaw of backup generators is the inability to provide backup power precisely at the moment of the outage due to their prolonged exercise period. This means, when the power is lost to an installation with a backup generator installed, it can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes for the generator to power on and start supplying power again. During that blackout window, total loss of power forces entire systems to go down often times locking up the systems to a point that a hard reboot is needed to restore functionality. Generators are not a replacement for the grid. If a project calls for the installation of backup generator, the SurgeX large format UPS solution serves as a bridge between the service being supplied by the utility and power from the generator by keeping the entire connected system online until the alternative source is able to provide on-going power.

For example, in the situation outlined above, the online double-conversion large format UPS solution from SurgeX would instantaneously provide the required carry over power to keep the connected system online all the way through the backup generator exercise period to ensure critical services did not go offline and prevent a system-wide lockout caused by the sudden loss of power from the utility.

The new SurgeX large format UPS solutions are available in a variety of sizes to provide integrators with plenty of system run time regardless of the size of the installation. Now available in 10,000 volt-amps (10kVa), 15,000 volt-amps (15kVa), or 20,000 volt-amps (20kVa) the new SurgeX large format UPS product line offers comprehensive protection against sudden loss of power and safeguards critical systems. Once engaged, information on the load, runtime, system health and other metrics are all instantly available via IP, closures, and RS 232 supported methods. Successful integrators understand they need to do everything in their power to provide top of the line power management and protection solutions that safeguard their customer’s installations from damaging power anomalies. To help dealers select the best SurgeX large format UPS solution for the installation, project, or job, SurgeX has partnered with installers to verify load calculations and double check other key environmental factors to ensure the perfect solution is installed. Installations requiring the largest 20 kVa model, SurgeX provides a complimentary white-glove service which includes an on-site visit to ensure the solution is wired and provisioned correctly.

The suite of SurgeX large format UPS solutions protect mobile systems or installations that require the installation of backup generators from two damaging power conditions common to those types of installations. Without a UPS solution, installations risk system-wide lock up that require a hard reboot caused by a sudden loss of power – which in some cases is simply unacceptable.

Additionally, systems connected to a backup generator are subject to fluctuating and dirty power conditions that can damage and degrade solutions overtime unnecessarily. What sets the SurgeX large format UPS solutions apart is their ability to safeguard these systems and installations from these damaging power conditions by providing instant, clean, filtered carry over power in cases where power from the utility is lost and a backup power source is required.

As part of the world’s first and only software-defined storage platform for media, the latest version of software, Avid NEXIS® | Pro systems provide the fastest, most reliable workflows for professional post-production and broadcast environments, as well as new collaborative workflows for professional audio production. Powered by the Avid MediaCentral® Platform, the most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, Avid NEXIS | Pro professional-class storage is specifically designed for smaller broadcast and post-production environments providing the industry’s most comprehensive collaborative capabilities while also delivering real-time 4K performance at up to 2.4 GB/s. Avid NEXIS | PRO also provides real-time creative team collaboration using not only Avid Media Composer® and Pro Tools®, but other editorial and creative tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and more, as well as allowing for easy integration with third-party asset management systems.

The unmatched flexibility, control and scalability of Avid NEXIS | Pro allows users to continue to grow their storage as their business demands. Storage capacity can expand from 20 TB up to 80 TB in 20 TB increments, adding more storage as needed. The protection of Avid NEXIS | Pro safeguards media against drive melt downs so production teams can rest easy that content will always be protected. Like Avid NEXIS, Avid NEXIS | Pro has support for collaborative shared storage workflows for professional audio production with support for Avid Pro Tools®, the industry-standard digital audio workstation. With Pro Tools, users can quickly connect into the industry’s most efficient media production environment. Users can share projects on a centralized pool of media storage, turning work around faster by eliminating the time wasted moving files between different systems.
Avid NEXIS |Pro’s streamlined set-up and management makes it simple for users to utilize the platform so that the workflow is the main focus. It’s self-balancing features, distributed architecture and metadata management intelligently handles date redistribution, media protection, and other tasks automatically which can accelerate workflows.

Priced to fit any budget, Avid NEXIS | Pro provides the most efficient and consistent workflows for fast, real-time 4K media production at up to 2.4 GB/s. Unlike other inexpensive storage brands that only allow one workstation at a time, Avid NEXIS | Pro enables up to 24 contributors simultaneously share the same assets for active collaboration. Teams can collaborate, accelerate production, increase efficiency, adapt quickly to changes, scale capacity and bandwidth, and protect their media—no matter which creative tools they choose to use. With support for real-time SD, HD, 2K, and 4K media performance, Avid NEXIS | PRO is the ideal hub for the modern yet budget-minded media production workflow. This allows users to simply add up to four Storage Engines to increase bandwidth up to 1,200 MB/s when more throughput power to support more demanding high-resolution projects and collaboration is needed.

Clair Brothers C12-TrueFit
The Clair Brothers C12 represents not only the latest double 12″ format midsize line array, but also an industry first in integration optimization. The Clair TrueFit technology is the first modular and fully custom waveguide available for venues. While portable versions may be ordered with standardized horizontal dispersions, venues looking for the best want to give this a serious look.

Gone are the days of considering which not-quite exact dispersion pattern to choose. While some companies offer variable horn waveguides that are hinged, that often only affects high frequencies. The C12 and C8 systems from Clair utilize a wider bandwidth component arrangement that allows the midrange and high frequency output to be waveguide loaded from the same point of origin. This means that the directivity enhancement offered by tweaking the horizontal waveguide affects more frequencies than most other products.

Beyond the hinge, the TrueFit technology is actually a completely unique waveguide tailored to a space. The customization that is TrueFit is designed collaboratively with the customer, consultant and venue staff through a few simple steps.

First the array type and location is determined in a conventional sense and signed off on by the customer. Then the Clair Brothers engineering team takes over and uses a proprietary 3D CAD software that was developed to take the venue dimensions as input for creating the sculpted geometry for the array waveguide. The final form is separated into parts that are machinable and are sent to the shop to be CNC milled from Baltic Birch, the great sounding material used on all Clair waveguides and horns. This reduces energy wasted on walls and effectively extends the stereo image over a greater audience area.

Less lateral reflections also mean greater focus and better intelligibility. System tuning is much easier as the acoustical problem of geometric divergence shading is solved with an 3D acoustical solution.

Martin Audio XE Stage Monitor Series
Martin Audio brings engineering innovation to high performance stage monitoring with the XE Series—setting a new reference in sonic excellence and defined coverage.
Designed in consultation with leading monitor engineers and combining sleek, low-profile enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology, the XE300 (12″) and XE500 (15″) deliver perfect monitor sound with a defined coverage pattern that allows the artist freedom of movement, while reducing overlap with adjacent monitors.
Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology allows the artist to stand directly over the monitor or further back, without significant changes in SPL or tonal balance. It produces the optimal coverage pattern over a listening plane at head-height and helps to contain the sound within that region.

XE Series monitors also feature an additional, patent-pending, contour-molded static third waveguide that increases the size of the horn mouth to maintain pattern control downwards and avoid spill outside the desired coverage area. Its rolled contour reduces diffraction and further improves pattern consistency at the lower end of the HF passband.
Significantly, until now one disadvantage of conventional coaxial devices has been high frequency beaming, where the high frequency dispersion reduces as the frequency increases. This is primarily because conventional coaxial devices channel high frequencies through a narrow tube in the pole-piece of the magnet system. XE Series coaxial drivers overcome this by incorporating an innovative static waveguide in the center of the driver that merges seamlessly with the unique cone shape—maintaining the dispersion pattern out to very high frequencies.

The overall result is a near-rectangular coverage pattern at head-height and wide horizontal coverage is achieved when standing very close to the monitor. As the artist moves further back, the dispersion narrows, increasing the SPL to compensate for the increased distance from the monitor. The frequency response is unchanged, so the artist hears essentially the same sound balance and level wherever they stand within the coverage area.

The consistency in frequency response and SPL — both close to the monitor and further back — is exceptional. The well-defined and tight horizontal coverage also allows monitors with different mixes for individual performers to be placed closer together on stage.

Delivering definitive monitor sound, the visually-appealing XE Series enclosures present a low, camera-friendly profile, are easy to carry and manoeuvre, and feature built-in risers for situations that call for a steeper monitoring angle.

Designed as a complete system, the state of the art iKON 4 channel Class D amplifier maximizes the capability of the monitor while ensuring both engineer and artist can be confident they will experience the same high level of consistent performance from an XE monitor anywhere in the world.

Meyer Sound LINA Very Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker
As the newest and smallest member of the LEO Family, the diminutive new LINA very compact linear line array loudspeaker exhibits the same inherent linearity, low distortion and exceptional power-to-size ratio as its larger siblings: LEO, LYON and LEOPARD. LINA is the ideal choice whenever uncompromising performance must be combined with flexibility, portability, discreet appearance and minimal flying weight. What sets LINA apart from others in this product class is that it brings the inherent linearity, low distortion and exceptional power-to-size ratio of LEO Family technology to a wider range of applications and venues.

The self-powered LINA loudspeaker measures only 20.27 inches (515 mm) wide and weighs in at a mere 43 lbs. (19.5 kg), making it an ideal choice when discreet appearance, portability and hanging weight restrictions are critical considerations. Also, because LINA shares the same structural footprint as Meyer Sound’s current MINA line array loudspeakers, owners of MINA systems can add LINA to their existing inventory using the same rigging and mounting hardware. Mixed systems of MINA and LINA are compatible using the delay integration in Compass control software.

On the inside, LINA has been outfitted with new drivers and an updated amplifier and signal processing package to conform with the LEO Family design philosophy. Compared to MINA, the newly designed class D amplifier affords greater efficiency, and an upgraded power supply enables higher peak output. The 3-inch HF compression driver incorporates a new magnet structure first used in the LEOPARD line array loudspeaker (LINA’s next-larger sibling) for reduced distortion. Low-frequency distortion from the dual 6.5-inch woofers is further reduced compared to MINA, aided by new internal venting and baffling to optimize performance. On-board signal processing has been upgraded for more power, and it now includes optimized Native Mode — as first introduced in LEOPARD – that yields excellent system performance with minimal external processing.

“Following the industry-wide acceptance of LEOPARD, we were asked if we could deliver the same sonic transparency and headroom in a smaller system,” says Pablo Espinosa, Meyer Sound’s vice president of R&D and chief loudspeaker designer. “Although LINA takes advantage of the existing MINA footprint, the improvements in high-frequency headroom and lower distortion are clearly audible. LINA definitely shows its LEO Family lineage.”

In most applications, LINA compact line array loudspeakers will be integrated with the companion 750-LFC low-frequency control element for extending deep bass performance across its operating frequency range of 36 Hz to 125 Hz. The 750-LFC houses a 15-inch, dual voice coil long excursion driver along with a two channel, open loop class D amplifier and signal processing to provide separate, precisely synchronized power to each voice coil. Like its larger siblings, the 900-LFC and 1100-LFC, the 750-LFC reproduces low frequencies at high continuous levels with clarity, extremely low distortion, and optimized phase response. An integral pole mount receptacle pairs with LINA or ULTRASeries loudspeakers, while an optional rigging frame allows flying in LINA arrays without a transition grid.

The high power-to-size ratio and sleek profile of the LINA compact linear line array systems make them an excellent choice for small theatres, theme parks, houses of worship and portable AV systems. Configured as single cabinets or short stacks, LINA loudspeakers are ideally suited for use as front fills and under-balcony fills. LINA also features Native Mode, first introduced with LEOPARD, that provides out-of-the-box array alignment for common configurations. This is an enormous time-saver, particularly in corporate rental applications.”

Shure Axient Digital Wireless System
Shure recently debuted the Axient® Digital Wireless System at NAB 2017 in April. As the new premier wireless soluion in Shure’s successful portfolio, Axient Digital builds on the superior benefits of the Company’s UHF-R®, ULX-D® and Axient wireless systems to create the most advanced wireless platform to date, suited for all professional productions and situations. Catering to evolving customer needs—especially in an environment of continued RF spectrum pressure—Axient Digital provides high-performance RF, exceptional audio quality, command and control, and hardware scalability.

Axient Digital features two receiver options (dual and quad) that are compatible with its two transmitter offerings, the AD Series and ADX Series. AD Series transmitters deliver a tremendous level of core product benefits including exceptional RF performance, digital audio and networking. Axient Digital ADX Series transmitters additionally incorporate ShowLink, which provides real-time control of all transmitter parameters along with interference detection and avoidance. The ADX Series also includes the first micro bodypack with an integrated self-tuning antenna, enabling greater concealment and comfort.

Ideal for a variety of users and applications, Axient Digital features numerous user-friendly features and benefits:
• High-Performance RF—Incorporating all of the capabilities that professional productions demand, Axient Digital is designed for maximum signal stability. It features true digital diversity with Quadversity™ and a robust High Density mode that delivers superior spectral efficiency, significantly mitigating the potential for signal fades or interference that can cause drop outs. Quadversity antenna mode enables users to place sets of diversity antennas in different zones, or double the number of antennas in a single zone, to improve RF signal-to-noise in challenging environments.

• Audio Quality—Featuring transparent digital audio via Dante, AES67 and AES3, Axient Digital has a 20Hz to 20 kHz range with a flat frequency response and accurate transient response. Axient Digital also boasts wide dynamic range and an industry leading 2ms latency from the mic transducer to the analog output.

• Command and Control—Axient Digital is compatible with Wireless Workbench® for efficient control and configuration, as well as the ShurePlus™ Channels App for optimal spectrum management and frequency monitoring. The system’s Dante Cue and Dante Browse features enable headphone monitoring of high-fidelity, true audio output from any Dante-enabled connected device. Additionally, Axient Digital’s networked charging capabilities provide a suite of smart, high-performance batteries and chargers.

• Hardware and Scalability—Axient Digital’s wide tuning range of 184 MHz for all transmitters and receivers covers an extended range of spectrum and simplifies inventory. Dual and quad receivers support both AD and ADX transmitters, maximizing user flexibility and scalability.

Axient Digital is compatible with the Shure Battery Rack Charger (SBRC), which supports up to eight rechargeable batteries in a single, compact rack space. Providing a seamless, tour-ready battery charging and storage solution, the SBRC features an easy-to-read front panel that displays critical battery parameters, including charge status, time-to-full and battery health indicators. When connected to a network, Shure Wireless Workbench and ShurePlus Channels software provide remote monitoring of the SBRC to track battery status.

Given the increasing congestion of the RF spectrum, it has become essential for users to have access to a system that can reliably deliver flawless audio over the air. With unparalleled RF stability and spectral efficiency, Axient Digital offers a variety of users the flexibility to work in the available spectrum, whether the number of channels required is great or small, and provides the pristine sound quality that today’s productions demand.

Vicoustic VicBooth Premium
Doorless, portable, and affordable acoustic booth with wood structure and window. VicBooth Premium is a new and revolutionary system that allows you to minimize the sound propagation from you to the world.

VicBooth Premium is a unique, portable and inexpensive system that can be setup in minutes. Covered in natural wood from the outside, fire-retardant fabrics and acoustic foam. Because it has no door and includes a window, it’s ideal for isolation in great style.

The structure is built with premium materials for a more pleasant look and better isolation. Ideal for voice-over and instrument practice without bothering your neighbours.

Williams Sound, LLC. Hearing HotSpot
See and hear the thrill of a game-winning home run… The brilliance of a classic guitar riff… The wisdom in a professor’s words.

The Hearing HotSpot is an innovative, new listening technology that allows any venue to stream real-time audio via Wi-Fi from TVs, music sources or live programs directly to an individual’s personal smartphone or tablet. To listen, an individual simply connects to the local Hearing Hotspot Wi-Fi provided by Williams Sound, downloads the free Hearing Hotspot app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and selects the audio channel they want to hear.

The New Hearing HotSpot Server includes everything you need to stream multiple channels of audio in real-time over an enterprise Wi-Fi network. Venue-controlled advertising / messages, made available through simple web portal and system updates, are delivered to the venue without on-site visits. User-friendly LCD front panel for setup, status and audio-level adjustment.

Individuals can select their own audio source Hearing Hotspot app is free to users No need to ask for equipment (use own Android or iOS smartphone or tablet) No hygiene concerns – use own earphones/headphones Service available at any venue where Hearing HotSpot logo is displayed Reliable, clear connection via Wi-Fi – with better-than-MP3 audio quality.

The Hearing Hotspot is extremely versatile, designed to work in any venue where people can watch a TV or a live performance, but cannot hear it clearly. Hospitality — restaurants, sports bars, casinos Healthcare — hospitals, clinics, outpatient treatment facilities Transportation — airports, train stations, bus terminals, Fitness Centers, Language Interpretation Audio Support for Digital Signage Hearing assistance in public venues — stadiums, performance venues, houses of worship Not only does the Hearing HotSpot provide a revolutionary listening experience to customers, it offers the participating venue an extraordinary opportunity to improve customer retention, grow engagement and drive revenue. onnect with customers like never before. Take advantage of the truly unique software portal that is part of each Hearing HotSpot package. This easy-to-use interface provides each venue with the creative power to customize in-app messagng and advertising for its target audience

Hearing HotSpot features: 
– Ultra low latency 
– Unlimited channels 
– Scalability to any number of users 
– Customizable in-app messaging 
– Existing network integration capability

Yamaha Corporation of America TF-RACK
The TF-RACK is not just another rack-mount mixer; it is a fully equipped, all-in-one digital mixing solution. With this mixer, Yamaha has packed a wide range of easy-to-use features into a compact rack-mount chassis.

The TF-RACK is built around TouchFlow Operation™, the TF Series operating system optimized for speed of deployment and operation. From there, the mixer includes the revolutionary set of Yamaha workflow tools: 1-knob EQ™/COMP™, GainFinder™ and QuickPro™ Presets.

The power and utility of QuickPro Presets are not to be underestimated; this feature was developed at Yamaha using a totally new approach. Unlike any other preset on the market, QuickPro Presets are specific to the input/output source and the application. For the inputs, we employ the collective knowledge of our engineers, along with others from from Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Shure, to give users a starting point for all major parameters of the channel strip: Gain, EQ, Gate, and Compressor. All the presets were tested by Yamaha in real-world environments (not in a lab), verified and retested by our microphone partners. For the outputs, we created presets for our most popular loudspeakers, and we partnered with Ultimate Ears to make presets for in-ear monitor systems. The results defied all our initial understandings, things we would never have done in the past.

Functionally, the user starts by loading a QuickPro Preset to get in the ballpark, then use the GainFinder and 1-knob EQ/COMP to manipulate and tame the mix with confidence. The new Scene presets even enable engineers of all skill levels to set up the console for a five-piece rock band with horns in under a minute. For the seasoned pro, this really helps for those gigs where time is extremely limited. Being a rack mixer, reliability of wireless mixing is a must. Like its desktop counterparts, TF-RACK is compatible with TF StageMix™ for wireless Wi-Fi remote mixing via iPad, and the MonitorMix™ app for aux send mixing via most smartphones or tablet PCs. Since it is not Wi-Fi dependent, TF-RACK sets a new standard for reliability in mixing, allowing it to maintain its full functionality even if the network goes offline. Users can simply continue mixing on the touch screen or opt to use it as their primary control surface as they wish.

With the release of TF V3.5, we add a class-exclusive eight channels of the acclaimed Dugan Speech System™ automatic microphone-mixing algorithm. Co-developed in collaboration with trailblazing sound engineer Dan Dugan himself; this feature alone used to go for about $2,500-$5,000 as a console add-on.

With the release of the ProVisionaire Touch 1.2.5 App for iPad, TF-RACK is the only mixer in its class to offer multiple ways to customize the mixing environment. The TouchFlow operating system allows a user to create user-defined access rights administration on the console, and the ProVisionaire Touch App adds the ability to create customizable wireless remote control panels for iPad. Thus, the TF-RACK is ideal for a wide range of SR and installed applications.

This combination of tools and features, assembled on the foundation of the fast, flexible and powerful TouchFlow Operating System, makes the TF-RACK the ideal choice for a broad range of applications like: small/medium live music venues, working regional bands, theater, portable churches, corporate events, hospitality, submixing multiple stems for broadcast, the board room and more.