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Onstage.Pro Search Platform Launches

Frankfurt, Germany (April 6, 2016)—Onstage.Pro, said to be the first global online platform connecting professionals and companies in the entertainment technology industry, has launched at Prolight + Sound 2016 in Frankfurt.

The stated goal of the platform is to facilitate communication and cooperation between industry professionals from different countries, provide them with a tool to exchange knowledge and experience, find reliable partners and to enable them to work together on international projects with ease. It targets multiple adjacent industries—not only event planners and their clients and promoters, but also musicians, recording studios, TV and broadcasting, radio, theaters, venues—basically, the entire global entertainment industry and its core technical and creative staff.

“The platform was built to make use of the best features of the most popular social networks,” explains Onstage.Pro CEO and founder, London Business School EMBA, Katerina Kirillova. “At the same time, though, it is a niche product with its own unique features. As with any other niche product, we know the needs of the industry from the core and offer solutions to meet those needs.”

Onstage.Pro features a comprehensive global search engine with a rating system. “If you attempt to find the best lighting designers in Scotland, for example, or members of the Sound Engineering Society of Wells—if it exists at all, of course—in Facebook, you would not be able to do so unless you know the names you are looking for,” says Kirillova. “The Onstage.Pro global search engine would do this job seamlessly and bring new names to you.”

In addition to the standard news feed, similar to conventional news feeds in other social networks, Onstage.Pro enables both companies and professionals to enhance their Projects portfolio using cross-links and tags. Talks section is essentially an advanced version of the traditional discussion board, featuring the same comprehensive global search engine with topics, authors, categories and locations as search criteria options.