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Ortofon Teams With Phonocut for Vinyl Recorder

Danish turntable cartridge company Ortofon has teamed up with startup Phonocut on the development of the latter's vinyl recorder.

Phonocut's vinyl recorder.
Phonocut’s vinyl recorder.

Vienna, Austria (February 3, 2021) — Phonograph cartridge manufacturer Ortofon has teamed with startup Phonocut in the continuing development and production of a push-button, home vinyl recorder.

Originating as a 2019 Kickstarter campaign, the long-gestating Phonocut recorder aims to allow non-technical users to cut 10” vinyl records with the same amount of effort as a typical cassette recorder—users will place a custom blank lacquer on the cutter, connecting a source, and press ‘start.’ Each disc is expected to hold up to 9 minutes of audio. The first generation Phonocut recorder is expected to ship this year.

The Unlikely Return of Quadraphonic Vinyl

Almost 40 years after the introduction of its last stereo cutting head in 1982, Ortofon will now collaborate on the project. Ortofon’s chief officer of Acoustics and Research, Leif Johannsen, will join the international development team to contribute his and Ortofon’s applicable knowledge in high-end audio hardware development, production and quality control.

“This is a new segment for vinyl music and we support the development of this new technology with our experience and know-how. I am impressed by the quality and sound of Phonocut vinyl recorders and I see a big potential for the future.” said Johannsen.

In celebration of this partnership, Phonocut co-creator KamranV says “For Ortofon to join our effort, it humbly validates our work and paves a path for new possibilities.  We consider Ortofon to be the best partner for our vinyl revolution.”

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