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Producer James Guthrie used Prism Sound multitrack machines and converters to record Roger Waters' "The Wall Live In Athens."
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Cambridge, UK (October 5, 2011)—Producer James Guthrie used Prism Sound multitrack machines and converters to record Roger Waters' The Wall Live In Athens.

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A full 30 years after Pink Floyd first performed the Roger Waters-written The Wall, Waters has been touring a new version of the show. The tour culminated in Greece in July with three shows at the 2004 Olympic Stadium. These were captured for posterity by a crew of nearly 100 people just to tackle the filming, making this the biggest European concert film project for nearly 30 years.

Waters called in long-time Pink Floyd producer James Guthrie to handle the sound recording and mixing. Guthrie, in turn, requested the services of Prism Sound to help build a 96-track, 96 kHz fully-mirrored SADiE recording setup modeled on that of his private studio in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Prism Sound's sales director Graham Bowell explains: "James is a perfectionist who has a passion for clean and transparent recording. For this project, James used the Le Voyageur II mobile with the 48-channel Neve V-Series analogue recording console onboard the truck, but this time recordings were captured using the SADiE digital multitrack recorders interfaced through Prism Sound ADA-8XR AD-DA converters. For monitoring, he used Le Voyageur's ATC units, another brand that he favors."

A total of 96 tracks were recorded, distributed between the main 64-track SADiE system and a smaller SADiE LRX2 system running 32 tracks. All of the tracks were recorded at 96kHz sampling, 24-bit resolution. Sixteen channels of outboard Neve 1073 and 1081 preamplifiers, provided by London-based FX Rentals, were also used, boosted by the addition of 16 channels of Prism Sound's Maselec Master Series MMA-4XR mic preamps. Two separate Neve 16:2 mixers, also courtesy of FX Rentals, were used ahead of the V-series console to help contain the total number of recording tracks.

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