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Pro-Audio Industry Primed for AES in NYC

By Clive Young. Next week’s Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York City is set to be the biggest pro-audio event of the year.

For many, the arrival of Fall brings to mind falling leaves, pumpkins, Halloween and the days getting shorter and cooler. But if you’re reading this, Fall means it’s time to head to the annual Audio Engineering Society Convention and get reacquainted with the cutting edge of pro audio. Just like last year, the AES show is being held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, October 17-20, 2018.

For those four days, AES will be the center of the pro audio universe, and with good reason. No matter what your audio specialty is—recording, live sound, post, audio for games, archiving or something else—odds are that there’s multiple panels, workshops, papers and keynotes that you’ve got to see.

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Of course, the first thing everyone does at AES is hit the exhibition floor, checking out the latest and greatest gear offerings from top manufacturers in pro audio. The big names are here, and the boutique names are here, too; either way, you’ll get to see, touch and hear the gear you’ve read about, ask all your burning questions about it, and find out if it’s the right fit for your workflow.

Also on the exhibition floor are the long-running Project Studio Expo Recording Stage and Live Production Stage, each of which offers free classes and panels, hosted by top pros in the business. Find out what the seven most common wireless mic mistakes are (and what you can do about them) or hear the likes of Tony Visconti, Fab Dupont, Bob Clearmountain or Michael Brauer dissect what it takes to mix a hit record.

Whatever you’re looking to learn, there’s a track that will inform and enlighten you. Up for archiving? Panels like “Help! I Have a Tape Machine” and “Archive This! How Mastering Engineers Have Become Default Guardians of Audio Assets” will give you new ideas or help you brush up on older ones. Game Audio is your thing? Check out case studies at “Spatial Audio-Video Creations for Music, Virtual Reality and 3D Projectors” or “The Audio Edge: Ambient Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Sound,” among many offerings. Need to wrap your head around Networking? “Network Fundamentals for Audio Engineers,” “Interoperability Standards for IP Media” and “Optimizing Networks for Media” are just three of the panels in that extensive track.

If you’re new to pro audio, AES can sound exciting but a little overwhelming. Have no fear; you’re welcome and wanted here. Check out the Education and Career Fair, bring your best work to be evaluated by helpful pros at the Student Recording Critique sessions, and catch inspiring talks like “If I Can Do It, You Can Do It: Tony Bongiovi’s Career at Motown, the Power Station, and Beyond.”

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If you somehow run out of things to do (good luck with that), the AES Convention is co-located this year with NAB Show New York next door inside the convention center on October 17 and 18. Any way you slice it, the AES Convention is the place to be for all serious audio pros. Don’t miss it!

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