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Pro Audio Manufacturers Survive Sandy

By Clive Young. The East Coast suffered great damages over Monday and Tuesday, due to the “superstorm” Sandy, but tough-minded audio manufacturers from the region are already moving forward.

Sandy, as seen from space. Photo via NASA.

By Clive Young.

New York, NY (October 30, 2012)—The East Coast suffered great damages over Monday and Tuesday, due to the “superstorm” Sandy, but tough-minded audio manufacturers from the region are already moving forward.

Sennheiser USA is headquartered in Old Lyme, Connecticut, just north of the Long Island Sound. “The office is not far from the shore, but luckily, the impact of the storm was not as bad as expected, while neighboring towns got badly flooded,” reported Stefanie Reichert, VP Strategic Marketing at Sennheiser USA. “However, we are suffering severe power outages all across the area.”

Sennheiser closed its Old Lyme office Monday, but reopened Tuesday at noon, running off generators. Still lacking power and phone service, the company’s Service Department and Order Entry teams were handling orders via the internet, with orders shipping from its warehouses in Chicago and New Mexico.

“Folks are huddling together in the few areas of the building that have power, with laptops that are running on batteries,” said Reichert. “Light is limited, but luckily, computer screens transmit enough of a glow…we are able to process orders and get them out for shipment in time—as long as we can see what we are typing on our keyboards.”

On the other side of the Long Island Sound sits Group One, pro audio distributor for a number of brands, including DiGiCo, Blue Sky, Junger, RTW, XTA, VanDamme and Jünger. Group One’s main office is in Farmingdale, NY on Long Island, and as might be expected, the storm affected the company.

“With the warnings and everything, we tried to lift everything up in the air, just in case; we thought we’d be safe, but you just never know,” said Matt Larson, National Sales Manager for Group One Limited. “One of the guys did get over there today and we are out of power. Our office will be closed for the next few days, mainly because nobody can get in, nor can any trucks get in, there’s no power or internet and it’s all shut down. But the great thing about DiGiCo is that we have offices all the way across the U.S.— Nashville, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Las Vegas with service and support. We’re diversified that way, which is great for our customers.

“I assume Sandy is going to have a pretty heavy impact on the industry,” Larson said. “The nice thing about our industry is that we’re so resilient; we have to deal with things all the time; to a lesser extent, every one of our days is always different, so we can always handle whatever is thrown at us, so I think everybody will pull together pretty fast and get up and running like we’ve always done in the past.”

Nonetheless, the region remains blighted in the wake of the storm—and among those affected are Pro Sound News and Pro Audio Review. Our email and New York office phones are still down as of this writing, so those trying to contact us are suggested to do so via Facebook, Linked In or Twitter. In the meantime, we hope that all our readers in the regions affected by Sandy are safe and moving ahead.