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Pro Sound News InfoComm Best of Show Special Edition Award Winners

As part of InfoComm Connected, Pro Sound News has announced its Best of Show Special Edition Award winners.

2020 InfoComm Best of Show Special Edition Awards
2020 InfoComm Best of Show Special Edition Awards

New York, NY (June 16, 2020)—Pro Sound News has announced its InfoComm Best of Show Special Edition Award winners for 2020.

The InfoComm Best of Show Awards are judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts from submitted nominations. Criteria include ease of installation and use/maintenance, performance, relevance, value/ROI, network friendliness, versatility, and reliability.

InfoComm Best of Show Special Edition Award Winners

The following is an alphabetical rundown of Pro Sound News’ winning products, with text provided directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge


Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge
Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge

Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge is the most advanced wireless intercom system on the market. The latest addition to the industry leading FreeSpeak family of digital wireless intercom solutions, it offers the best audio quality and enhanced performance in some of the most demanding live performance environments. The system also gives the user more control and customization options thanks to advanced frequency coordination capabilities and intuitive configuration features in the system.

FreeSpeak Edge is the result of extensive feedback from existing FreeSpeak II power users. Incorporating recent advances in technology, the all-new 5 GHz chipset features an exclusive radio stack development which has been optimized for intercom. It leverages state of the art audio-over-IP developments in its architecture, utilizing AES67 connections between the transceivers and the host intercom frame for exceptional flexibility.

The 5 GHz system takes advantage of Clear-Com’s exclusive RF technology which uses OFDM to provide a robust transport layer that is immune to most forms of interference. FreeSpeak Edge delivers low latent 12 kHz audio with an ultra-low noise floor. To accommodate and scale to the largest productions, FreeSpeak Edge can support up to 64 beltpacks and transceivers. Additionally, it can be combined seamlessly with FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz systems, providing three bands across a single unified communications system.

FreeSpeak Edge transceivers and beltpacks now offer more user control to accommodate increasingly demanding communication needs. The ergonomic beltpack houses eight programmable buttons with the top buttons being asymmetrical concave/convex for touch identification. With a mic and speaker for desktop operation, the beltpack is designed with today’s production needs in mind. Each ruggedized transceiver supports 10 beltpacks and includes software attenuation and omni-directional external antennas for custom RF zones. The system delivers a robust and reliable communication solution that customers have come to expect from the award-winning FreeSpeak range.

Pro Sound News InfoComm Best of Show Award Winners 2019

DAS Audio EVENT-26A Dual 6” Powered Line Array

DAS Audio EVENT-26A Dual 6” Powered Line Array
DAS Audio EVENT-26A Dual 6” Powered Line Array

The DAS Audio EVENT-26A is a symmetrical, ultra-compact, two-way powered line array system. Designed by DAS engineers to deliver stunning performance and exceptional ease-of-use, the stylish polypropylene cabinet design offers a highly portable and road-worthy system. A comprehensive range of accessories makes the EVENT-26A ideal for small to mid-size rental and installation applications.

The EVENT-26A combines two 6.5″ transducers and a single M-60 compression driver in a rugged yet lightweight polymer cabinet. The symmetric “V” shaped configuration of the cone transducers provides consistent 100º of horizontal coverage down to 200 Hz. The M-60 compression driver is coupled to an advanced waveguide design that provides control of the vertical dispersion as well as precise coupling between units when used in vertical arrays.

Powered by a two-channel Class D amplifier providing 800 W peak power, the amp´s rear panel includes quality Neutrik XLR and powerCON connectors. The DAScontrol interface makes the preset selection for the number of units in the array both fast and simple. An onboard DSP featuring a 24-bit high-end processor handles X-over, EQ, delay and limiter functions. The powerful FIR filtering technology incorporated in the EVENT-26A offers constant phase response which translates to transparent sound and exceptional clarity, improving the listening experience.

Streamlined deployment of EVENT-26A arrays is possible thanks to the innovative FSS (Fast Set Splay) rigging system developed to permit angle selection while stacked on dollies. The stainless-steel rigging hardware allows flown arrays of up to 16 units in 1º steps from 0º to 10º.

Low-frequency reinforcement for the EVENT-26A is provided by its flyable companion subwoofer the EVENT-115A.