ProSoundNetwork InfoComm Best of Show Awards

The editorial staffs of Pro Audio Review and Pro Sound News magazines have presented their 2012 InfoComm Show's ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Awards.

Las Vegas, NV (June 15, 2012)—The editorial staffs of Pro Audio Review and Pro Sound News magazines have presented their 2012 InfoComm Show's ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Awards.

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Auralex ProPAD
The ProPAD is a premium-performance variant on the Auralex MoPAD, providing isolation from the vibrations and resonant energy created by studio monitors. ProPAD’s updated design features a 0.75-inch layer of laminated black MDF covered with a thick layer of Auralex’s proprietary IsoPuck isolation material, which is made of recycled rubber.

dbx PMC Personal Monitor Controller
The PMC Personal Monitor Controller is a remote control designed to allow performers to set up and control their own personal mixes of up to 16 channels of audio. Each channel can be tweaked with with EQ, panning, Stereo Width control and effects, including a choice of built-in Lexicon reverbs. Up to 16 user-preset mixes can be saved. The dbx Personal Monitor Controller uses a BLU link audio bus from either the dbx TR1616 or any BSS London system to control 16 channels of digital audio (expandable up to 256). The PMC can be configured to operate with either 48kHz or 96kHz D/A conversion.

Eastern Acoustic Works Avalon By EAW SUB.two
The SUB.two, designed to complement the recently debuted CLUB.two and CLUB.three full-range systems, utilizes dual 16-inch drivers that can be blended at the user’s discretion with a 21-inch driver for extended low end, with power handling capability and output.

Hosa CBT-500 Cable Tester
The CBT-500 is designed to check a variety of cable terminations: XLR (3-pin and 5-pin); balanced and unbalanced phone (standard guitar-type cable); phono (RCA); speakON (with support for 2-pole, 4-pole, and 8-pole connectors); DIN (multi-pin, including 5-pin DIN commonly used for MIDI equipment); Ethernet (RJ-45); USB Type A to Type B (standard USB to the square USB connector found on most audio interfaces) and includes removable test probes to allow simple continuity tests.

Lowell FDC 1-inch Rackmount Fan Series
The FDC series of 19" rackmount fan panels offers universal input voltage (100VAC–240VAC) and includes a UL-Listed power supply with three plug adaptors to accommodate outlet requirements in North America, central Europe and the U.K. Panels are available in 2RU or 3RU with different size fans. The optional vari-speed thermostat probe automatically activates fans when ambient temperature hits a pre-set point, gradually increasing/decreasing speed as it adjusts to the change in temperature.

Midas Pro1 Digital Audio Console
The Pro1 features a lightweight aluminum frame, with 24 rear panel mic/line inputs, 48 channels of input processing and 24 analog outputs, operating on the same software and with the same control capabilities as the rest of the Pro family.

Renkus-Heinz Ralph Heinz Signature Series Loudspeakers
The Ralph Heinz Signature Series is comprised of RHX passive and RH self-powered cabinets with a dual-wedge angle design and rigging/mounting options, allowing a range of applications.

Sennheiser AVB Microphone 
Though developed as a demonstration product not yet intended for commercial distribution, the AVB microphone utilizes on-board conversion and Sennheiser’s digital microphone experience as proof of concept for a microphone that can directly interface to an AVB network via an Ethernet connection.

Shure Expanded ULX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System

ULX-D now includes multi-channel receivers, a High Density mode that enables 47 systems to operate in six MHz of spectrum, and integrated Dante digital audio networking support.

VUE Audiotechnik H Class Loudspeakers
The H Class, the flagship of VUE Audiotechnik’s first product launches, utilizes beryllium-based compression drivers, and advanced LF drivers (all with 4-inch voice coils), active onboard DSP and system-optimized amplification, network control and monitoring, housed in ruggedized birch cabinets. The initial offerings are 12- and 15-inch woofer loaded two-way models and the hs-28 subwoofer with dual 18-inch drivers.

Yamaha MTX5-D Programmable DSP Matrix Processors
The MTX5-D is an 8x8 analog unit with YDIF cascade bus, 16 channels of built-in Dante, and includes SD Playback and an MY card slot for a 36x16 matrix. Other features include PEQ, Dynamics, Feedback Suppression, Auto Gain Control, and Priority Ducker. Outputs feature Delay, PEQ, and Speaker Processing. Optional YDIF I/O units can expand analog inputs and outputs.

During each of the major conventions and trade shows, the editors of PAR and PSN, with assistance from the editors of sister titles Audio Media and Mix, comb the exhibit halls for new and noteworthy products. Gear and software that show particular merit are singled out for the ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Awards. All products debuting at a given event are eligible. is the joint web presence for both the PAR and PSN titles.

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