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Racing Toward Success

Presently chairman/CEO of Aphex and DWV Entertainment, David Wiener’s first venture into pro audio began in 1996 with the founding of SoundTube Entertainment.

Presently chairman/CEO of Aphex and DWV Entertainment, David Wiener’s first venture into pro audio began in 1996 with the founding of SoundTube Entertainment. SoundTube’s customers included recording engineers and music providers, pushing the company to develop speakers for commercial and professional sound-reinforcement applications.

“SoundTube accomplished several acoustic and loudspeaker innovations,” Wiener boasts, “generating a portfolio of patents, as well as a loyal following.”

After the sale of SoundTube, Wiener and business partner, Robin Sibucao (of PlayNetwork) took his engineering, design and brand-building skills to the next level by partnering with Ferrari and creating a new home-audio system, the Art.Engine. Over the course of the Ferrari program, SoundTube licensed Aphex technology to further improve its products’ performance. This ultimately led to DWV’s purchase of Aphex and its involvement in advancing signal-processing gear and musical-instrument pedals.

“SoundTube was a great training ground for advancing audio and acoustics in a wide variety of critical and challenging applications,” Wiener states. “This, coupled with our work on the DW Collection of high-end audio systems and electronics, played a big role in our desire to be involved with Aphex. It will certainly figure prominently in our plans to expand the company as we create even higherperformance products for the professional and MI markets. Bringing a passion for performance and style to Aphex has already resulted in new products that are clearly advancing the nature of our offerings and our company.”

Wiener believes that his past experience as CEO of SoundTube Entertainment and building a brand and company culture now plays a big role as the Aphex brand continues, “to embrace professionals and critical listeners, including current Aphex users as well as those who are new to the brand.” As for company structure, DWV Entertainment owns Aphex as well as DW Collection and a forthcoming brand to be announced later this year.

The majority of the company’s employees are located at the Aphex facility in Sun Valley, California, where they handle sales, customer support, production, order fulfillment, artist relations and licensing, as well as R&D and new product development. DWV Entertainment co-founder Robin Sibucao also acts as COO for Aphex, and Rick McClendon is the general manager for the Aphex division. A studio in Park City, Utah serves as the main design facility for new products as well as for marketing, branding and a demo facility for customers, artists, engineers and investors. In addition to the teams in Sun Valley and Park City, the company maintains offsite sales and licensing personnel to “maximize travel effectiveness and efficiency,” Wiener points out.

About his “team” Wiener remarks, “Our total commitment to performance and style, engineering innovation and a desire to create excitement and fun within our business is critical to our success in building customer loyalty and our brands. The basis of DWV’s philosophy and operational mode is something I coined during the SoundTube days as the DWV Formula One Management Program. This methodology promotes an operational philosophy based on Formula One racing teams where absolute innovation, performance, craftsmanship, reliability and time management are focused to achieve specific goals and satisfy the team and its supporters while creating a unique global brand.”

Wiener reports that his role as chairman and CEO of DWV Entertainment, Aphex and the other brands requires him to wear multiple hats, including product development, design, marketing, investor relations and operational oversight. He feels that his background as a designer and engineer keeps him focused on the design, development and marketing of the company’s products and brands.

When asked what the biggest markets are for his company right now, Wiener says, “Our current focus is on pro audio and MI markets with our Aphex pro product line and technologies. We consider our pro products to be our ‘race cars,’ used by the top artists and engineers around the world, building loyalty and respect for the Aphex brand. As we grow, we are expanding our efforts with the licensing of Aphex technologies into musical instruments and communication devices as well as select consumer products.”

He adds, “The growth and ubiquity of compressed digital music files has changed the way the world listens to music. We are focused on helping to improve the performance of these applications, providing both the professional user and consumer the ability to enjoy higher-quality audio at work, home and on the move. This is the basis of our motto: Respect the Music.”

Tackling the question of how his company deals with competition, Wiener replies, “Thankfully, Aphex has a 35-year legacy of proven performance within the pro audio world. This plays a powerful role as competitors come and go with all manner of claimed performance. Our attitude and approach to competition is that our technology can actually make their technology sound better, giving us the unique opportunity to license and bundle our signal-processing technology into perceived competitive products.”

Wiener concludes with a discussion about the company’s future initiatives: “We are currently focused on improving Aphex products and production to maximize operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The response to our recent new product releases at NAMM 2011 has proven that we’re on the right track with professional audio engineers and musicians alike. We will continue advancing our pro-product line, while at the same time driving a carefully engineered effort to license Aphex technologies into professional, consumer and military applications. Once these initiatives are fully executed, DWV Entertainment will launch new innovative products under the DW Collection brand.”


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