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RCF Group Acquires EAW

By Clive Young. Italy-based RCF Group adds EAW to its line-up, which includes RCF USA and dB Technologies.

Whitinsville, MA (September 4, 2018)—Italian pro-audio conglomerate RCF Group has acquired Eastern Acoustic Works from Loud Audio. Ironically, the deal comes some 15 years after RCF itself was divested by Loud Technologies, an earlier iteration of Loud Audio, in December, 2003.

EAW will remain an independent company, according to RCF Group CEO Arturo Vicari. “We can look at a bright future together,” he said in a statement. “Being part of our group will provide EAW with the necessary investments and focus for a fast and solid growth. We are very proud to have EAW with us.”

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Headquartered in Reggio Emilia and Bologna, Italy, RCF also has subsidiaries in USA and Europe, and operates under the companies RCF and AEB Industriale (dB Technologies). Founded in 1949, RCF has 500 employees and its products are sold in more than 130 countries around the world—an effort that it expects to bolster on an international scale with the acquisition of EAW.

Founded in 1978, EAW was bought by Mackie Designs, Inc. in February, 2000 to complement the latter’s portfolio of brands, which included Radio Cine Forniture S.p.A. (RCF), acquired in 1998. In order to differentiate between the Mackie brand and its parent company, Mackie Designs, Inc. was renamed Loud Technologies in 2003—the same year that Loud divested RCF. The parent company was later renamed Loud Audio, LLC. when Transom Capital Group purchased Loud Technologies and all its ensuing brands in October, 2017.

In the wake of Transom’s acquisition of Loud Audio, the EAW sale now marks the third Loud brand to be sold off this year, following in the steps of Ampeg, which was sold to Yamaha in mid-May, and Martin Audio, which was subject to a management buyout in July. The remaining brands under Loud Audio are Mackie, Crate, Blackheart and Tapco.

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TJ Smith, president of EAW, noted, “For those who love EAW, it is difficult to imagine a better scenario. From the first moment this possibility started to materialize, it has been clear that joining forces with RCF Group is a great opportunity for EAW. This transaction is a true recognition of what the brand represents, its potential, as well as the team we have built over recent years. With gratitude to the long list of those that built EAW over its 40-year history, we look forward to the exciting time in front of us.”

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