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Riedel Improves Service with Miami PoP

Riedel Networks has completed its Miami Triangle Project

Miami, FL (August 7, 2019)—Riedel Networks has completed its Miami Triangle Project, opening of a new point of presence (PoP) in Miami and signing a bandwidth update contract with Neutrona Networks for the Miami/New York/Sao Paulo circuit.

With the conclusion of the Miami Triangle project, the new PoP in Miami will accommodate the ever-increasing traffic originating from Sao Paulo. Moreover, the triangle construction greatly improves network resilience, as each of the three cornerstones can easily take over the traffic in case of a network failure. And finally, it reduces Riedel’s network coast-to-coast round-trip delay by 11 ms.

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Riedel Networks offers corporate networks and real-time audio and video services via its own MPLS-based network worldwide and runs a scalable Cisco homogenous network with 40-plus points of presence worldwide.

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The contract with Neutrona Networks was signed at the recent ITW show in Atlanta, GA. “This agreement opens a new chapter in the partnership between Neutrona and Riedel Networks in LATAM, delivering fully diverse and low-latency connectivity to enable Riedel to provide a superior level of customer experience to their end users,” according to Mateo Ward, CEO, Neutrona Networks.

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