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Royer Labs Sets Director of Sales

Royer Labs has appointed Kevin Parker to the newly created position of director of sales.

Burbank, CA (April 5, 2012)—Royer Labs has appointed Kevin Parker to the newly created position of director of sales.

His background encompasses sales management, marketing, strategic market development, artist relations and retail aspects of professional audio and MI. In his new role, Parker will oversee a number of operations for the company. These functions include managing Royer’s U.S. dealer base, managing a number of the company’s international dealers and distributors, developing initiatives to increase domestic and international market share and assisting with various aspects of the company’s artist relations initiatives.

Prior to joining Royer, Parker served as director of sales, marketing and artist relations for North Hollywood, CA-based Fryette Amplification. In this capacity, he was responsible for establishing, maintaining and overseeing day-to-day operations for both domestic and international accounts. Parker also served as product manager for Westlake Village, CA-based Guitar Center, where he communicated brand marketing goals and objectives into merchandising strategies to support proprietary products in all brands and channels. His sales management experience includes positions with San Francisco, CA-based Budda Amplification (sales manager) and Petaluma, CA-based Mesa Boogie Ltd (Western divisional sales manager). Parker’s retail experience includes time with Gelb Music of Redwood City, CA.

Parker comments, “Royer Labs has created one of the most sought-after microphone product lines in professional audio and has a well-deserved and highly respected reputation in our industry. With over 25 years of experience in the MI and pro audio segments of this industry, I believe my background in sales, marketing and retail makes me well suited for the responsibilities of this new position and I look forward to contributing to the company’s continuing growth as we move forward.”

John Jennings, Royer Labs’ VP of sales and marketing, shares Parker’s enthusiasm: “Kevin came to Royer highly recommended and in the brief time he’s been with us, he’s already proven to be a valuable asset to the team and a hard-working, forward-thinking contributor to our company’s efforts. I’m very pleased to have Kevin on board. It’s clear that he’ll bring even more to Royer than we originally expected.”

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