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RPG Celebrates 30 years

RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, marking the success of the company since its inception in 1983.

(l-r) RPG Difuser Systems, Inc. Founder/Chairman/CEO, Dr. Peter D’Antonio, President/CFO John Groth, and Executive Vice President Jeff Madison.Upper Marlboro, MD (June 24, 2013)—RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, marking the success of the company since its inception in 1983.

“The RPG Diffuser, which was inducted into the music industry’s TECnology Hall of Fame this year, was the first innovation inspired by our mission of ‘expanding the acoustical palette through a continued commitment to fundamental acoustics research,’” explained RPG founder Dr. Peter D’Antonio. “Recording studio owners and designers were quick to embrace these revolutionary units. They proved highly effective in improving room acoustics and they provided handsome aesthetic enhancements as well.”

RPG products are employed by a client base that encompasses schools, corporate boardrooms and auditoriums, concert halls, motion picture and live performance theaters, Houses of Worship, home theaters, stadiums, restaurants and the burgeoning Project Studio market.

“On-going dialogues with professional organizations such as the Audio Engineering Society, the Acoustical Society of America and Syn-Aud-Con, coupled with long-term relationships with leading architects and acousticians have inspired a number of our new products over the years,” D’Antonio said.

RPG also recently instituted a new management team. D’Antonio is now Chairman/ CEO, and two long-term RPG team members who have contributed greatly to the firms success, have been promoted to senior management positions. John Groth has been appointed President/CFO, Jeff Madison has been named Executive Vice President.

“We consider the past 30 years a prelude to the next three decades,” commented D’Antonio. “Sophisticated new research, measurement and simulation tools and innovative new acoustic materials are constantly being introduced. Awareness of the critical role performed by acoustics in our social, business and entertainment worlds has never been higher. Our commitment to on-going research and our state-of-the art measurement facilities for determining the absorption, scattering and diffusion coefficients are increasingly productive. RPG’s staff of mathematicians, acousticians, musicians and architects continues to guide our firm towards more breakthrough developments; and to on-going improvements to products already established as industry standards. The future looks good to us, and we’re dedicated to making it sound even better.”

RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc.