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S&VC Sets Free VoIP Flash Class

Free webcast class provides Level 1 Dante Certification.

New York, NY (February 7, 2019)—Join SVC Editor Cynthia Wisehart and Biamp’s Customer Training Supervisor Michael Leoncini on Feb. 26 at 2 PM EST for Flash Class: VoIP for AV Integrators, a free, one-hour, online VoIP training experience. Attendees will complete Part 1 of Biamp VoIP certification training during the webcast and will receive credits that can be applied to continued training and Biamp certification.

Attendees will come away knowing how to connect a VoIP conference system. In this webcast, Leoncini will explain terms, concepts, and techniques of VoIP from an AV standpoint, providing a VoIP networks overview and covering call setup protocols (SIP, H.323); basics of SIP; registration of end points; call flow review; call setup and tear down; call flow review; CODEC properties; basic network Transfers (RTP, RTCP); and troubleshooting.

Wisehart noted, “I’ve started doing these mini-trainings to get you guys some quick valuable knowledge (in this case, how to configure a VoIP system) and also to introduce you to the training and certification options out there. You’ll get a chance to learn something you can use—and also see how Biamp training feels and what the certification roadmap is in case you want to pursue one of the levels of certification. You’ll get certification credits for your time. Please join us –

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