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SAM Scores Sharks

Dallas, TX (May 13, 2011)--The second season of "Shark Men" on National Geographic Channel is underscored with original elements from Stephen Arnold Music.

Dallas, TX (May 13, 2011)–The second season of Shark Men on National Geographic Channel is underscored with original elements from Stephen Arnold Music.

After selecting many cuts from Stephen Arnold Music’s library The Vault in season one, Shark Men creators Fischer Productions turned to the music production house for all of the original underscore in season two. Stephen Arnold Music created a toolbox of custom music cues for the ten 60-minute episodes of the series, covering the wide range of styles needed for dramatic TV documentaries. Over 30 custom cues of original music created in their Dallas studios included ominous, drama, edgy, fun and adventure themes.

Each week on Shark Men, a team of world-class anglers and scientists take on the great white shark in an unprecedented hands-on research initiative. “What Fischer Productions wanted was variety,” says Stephen Arnold, president of Stephen Arnold Music. “This season they have everything from movie score-sized cues with big percussion and strings, to creepy underwater music and heavy rock cuts of real bass, drums and guitar.”

By delivering the cues both fully mixed and as separate tracks–broken down into strings, synths, percussion, sound design–Stephen Arnold Music gave Shark Men a modular toolkit for building and editing as they chose. “This way, we were able to focus on making great music and getting it to Fischer Productions quickly,” Arnold explains. “Then they had a versatile toolkit of exclusive tracks to edit to, scene by scene.”

As the Shark Men crew set out on their second season, the underscore from Stephen Arnold Music continuously sets the tone. “This is such a compelling show to work on,” says Arnold. “The subject is so adventurous. Our music toolkits are there to support the Shark Men dramatic arc, every step of the way.”

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