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Sennheiser Reports Record Turnover

The Sennheiser Group’s annual results for fiscal year 2015 show a record turnover with “strong growth in key regions.”

Wedemark, Germany (July 1, 2016)—The Sennheiser Group’s annual results for fiscal year 2015 show a record turnover with “strong growth in key regions.”

According to the report, total turnover rose by 7.5 percent to €682.2 million. Across all global regions, the company’s turnover developed significantly, particularly in the Americas and APAC. Profit before taxes in 2015 amounted to €30.3 million.

All three of the Sennheiser Group’s business regions showed successful turnover figures. “We tapped into new regions and markets, such as Korea and Latin America, while still retaining our focus on existing, large markets,” stated Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser GmbH & Co. KG.

Growth was particularly robust in the Americas region (North, Central and South America), where the group generated turnover of €179.8 million, which represents a €26.8 million, or 17.5 percent, increase on the previous year.

With turnover growth of €14.6 million, an increase of 11 percent compared to fiscal year 2014, the APAC region—Asia and Australia—saw a marked improvement as well. Overall, the Sennheiser Group reported turnover of €147.2 million in this region.

EMEA—Europe, Middle East and Africa—remains Sennheiser’s strongest region economically, with a total revenue of €355.2 million and modest growth of 1.7 percent. Germany once again saw double digit revenue growth.

The company generated 84.5 percent of its revenue outside Germany in fiscal year 2015. The Sennheiser Group currently has 19 sales subsidiaries and long-standing trading partners in more than 50 countries around the world, and will continue to pursue its strategic goal of expanding its global business in the future.

Both the consumer electronics division and professional systems division registered growth in 2015. Turnover improved by 10.9 percent to €347 million in the professional systems division and the consumer electronics division registered a 4.1 percent increase to €335.2 million.