Sessions Say HI to TouchMix


Honolulu, HI (August 23, 2017)—HI*Sessions, a YouTube music video channel featuring intimate live performances of local Hawaiian musical talent, relies on a QSC TouchMix-8 compact digital mixer as an integral part of the production process.

When a group of friends got together in 2011 to create HI*Sessions they had one main goal — the video and audio had to be absolutely the best quality. HI*Sessions was founded by Jon Yamasato, an award-winning Hawaiian musician, and Dave Kusumoto, a fellow singer-songwriter now working in web and video production. Yamasato won five Na Hoku Hanohano Awards from the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts at the turn of the millennium as a member of Pure Heart. The trio also included ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, who has since gone on to worldwide fame.

Inspired by the old Hawaiian tradition of kanikapila — impromptu jam sessions involving family and friends — Yamasato and Kusumoto decided to start a webcast with the same casual vibe, and help expose Hawaiian homegrown talent to a global audience. The pair called in Vance Morimoto, who had worked as an engineer for several years in the recording studio with Yamasato, to handle sound for the productions.

But while the resulting audio recording quality was good, achieving quality sound required Morimoto to carry and transport a lot of gear. “I had the computer interface, a computer plus a mixer that would feed the speakers. Dragging around all that equipment was killing me. Now it’s all been replaced by a single TouchMix,” says Morimoto.

“The sound quality of the TouchMix is fantastic. The pre-amps are super clean. Plus, the rock solid multitrack recording and tight integration with our QSC speakers make working with the TouchMix an awesome experience every time.”

HI*Sessions’ YouTube channel currently has over 140,000 subscribers and features 660 videos, some of which have been viewed over one million times.