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SoundBetter Launches

SoundBetter, an online networking platform for musicians and audio engineers, has launched.

New York, NY (January 15, 2013)-SoundBetter, an online networking platform for musicians and audio engineers, has launched.

SoundBetter showcases listings from niche-genre home producers all the way to large-scale remote mastering houses, and everything in between. It allows users to find a mixing engineer who worked on a particular album they love, a recording studio near them at a specific budget, a mastering engineer across the world who specializes in a particular genre or even a vocal tuning expert, based on industry-specific criteria and previous client endorsements.

“SoundBetter solves a real pain point for musicians as well as music production professionals,” says SoundBetter founder Shachar Gilad, formerly of Waves Audio and Apple Inc. and a musician and audio engineer. Gilad has over one million views on YouTube for his production tutorial videos.

“I get asked for recommendations for mixing and mastering engineers all the time. Meanwhile, talented audio engineers I know invest significant efforts trying to be found and get work. I’ve been on both sides of that equation. It’s about time the music production industry had its own platform for service seekers and service providers similar to other creative professional industries. The response so far has been overwhelming. I believe a service that connects those who seek talent with those who have talent and gets them more work is a good thing for everyone.”