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Soundelux DMG Celebrates 20 Years

Soundelux Design Music Group is marking its 20th anniversary with a year of releases, awards and expansion plans.

Scott Gershin, founder and creative director, Soundelux DMG
Hollywood, CA (May 10, 2012)—Soundelux Design Music Group is marking its 20th anniversary with a year of releases, awards and expansion plans.

During the past year, DMG worked on several of the video game industry’s biggest releases, including Microsoft/Epic’s Gears of War 3 (a Golden Reel Award and G.A.N.G. Award nominee) and Activision/Toys for Bob’s Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (another Golden Reel nominee). The group recently received a Golden Reel Award for Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed: The Run. Now, DMG is ready to open a second production facility on Los Angeles’ Westside.

“While DMG’s roots are in film sound, we love video games; we are gaming people,” says Scott Gershin, the company’s founder and creative director. “We have been successful because we are always pushing the envelope in terms of quality, product and service.”

When DMG started in 1992, games were just beginning to add production value through improved graphics and better sound. “We had an idea to apply the art of sound design to other media,” Gershin recalls. “Companies in the game world were interested in adding quality sound to their games and we saw a chance to get in on the ground floor.”

The company has weathered the inevitable ebbs and flows of a young and growing industry, according to Gershin. “DMG has been fortunate to find very savvy and talented people. And it has grown one person at a time based on the needs of our clients-and they are constantly trying to raise the creative bar.”

The company’s Santa Monica-adjacent facility is being added to accommodate clients who live and work in that area. “The opening of our DMG Westside facility will serve those clients whose busy schedules and impending deadlines make it difficult to travel to Hollywood in horrendous L.A. traffic,” says William “Chip” Beaman, DMG’s manager of voice over and talent services.

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