Berlin-based Stage Tec looks back at a quarter-century of digital audio gear.

Berlin, Germany (June 29, 2018)—Berlin-based professional audio equipment manufacturer Stage Tec celebrates its 25th anniversary on July 1.

The first product launched by Stage Tec, just four months after it was founded, was Nexus, the first digital audio router with a distributed concept and entirely fiber-optic cabling.

In parallel with the router, Stage Tec's team of developers worked on the idea of using the Nexus network, with all its inputs and outputs and its complex signal routing ability, as the basis for a digital mixing console. This was achieved in 1994 with Cantus, an early digital console, which was installed a year later at Bavarian public service broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. In 2000, the Berlin-based manufacturer introduced Nexus Star, a switching node for large audio networks.

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Stage Tec has remained true to concept of Cantus, the consistent separation into I/O matrix and user interface, in all subsequent consoles: Cinetra (1997), Aurus (2002), Auratus (2006), Crescendo (2009), On Air 24 (2010), On Air flex (2014), Aurus platinum (2014), Crescendo platinum (2015) and Avatus (2017).

The Stage Tec team’s other creations have included the patented 32-bit TrueMatch converter, introduced in 1996, which offered a 158 dB dynamic range. Recent developments include the RMDQ DSP unit, which enables more than 800 audio channels in Aurus (2016); more than doubling the capacity in the Nexus network to 63 Base Devices (2017); and the internal mixing console automixer (2017). R&D work is reportedly currently underway on Avatus, an IP-based, modular and flexible console that will be available in 2019.

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"We would like to thank our customers, whose wishes continue to drive the further development of our products, but who have remained loyal to us even in difficult times," says Dr. Helmut Jahne, managing director of Stage Tec. "We would also like to thank our employees. Their commitment and inventiveness continue to justify Stage Tec's reputation as an innovator.

“Last, but not least, our distributors around the world have played a major role in our success. Together, we will continue to shape professional audio technology in the future and bring ground breaking developments to market."

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