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Studer Enters Gymnaestrada

Skynight SA of Geneva used a Studer Vista 5 SR console to mix the World Gymnaestrada's opening ceremonies.

Lausanne, Switzerland (September 6, 2011)–Skynight SA of Geneva used a Studer Vista 5 SR console to mix the World Gymnaestrada’s opening ceremonies.

The event drew almost 20,000 participants from 55 nations, making it the world’s largest general gymnastics exhibition and the biggest sports event ever held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Vista 5 SR used a setup of 208 input channels on a small footprint of 32 faders, due to its Vistonics user interface. The console was overseen by Martin Reich, who planned the audio installation with Skynight, and also manned the desk during the event with Riedel RockNet’s digital audio network.

“We decided to use the Vista 5 SR with RockNet because it provided the greatest amount of flexibility right through to the end of the event,” Reich says. “One example is that after the opening ceremony, some of the stages with live music were not used anymore. This system allowed us to simply remove the unused stageboxes without the need to reconfigure the network. Thanks to the good preparation and cooperation of all involved, the system was up and running within the shortest possible time, and it ran throughout the event without a glitch.”

In total, more then 180 audio sources coming from four different stages around the stadium had to be transported to the FOH position. Cable runs were long, with the connection from the west stage to the east stage running 300 meters (about 900 feet). The RockNet system makes use of either Cat-5 or optical fiber links, so analog multicore cables were eliminated from the system design, and sources were plugged into one of the 12 RockNet stageboxes and converted to the digital domain directly at the place where they originated.