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Sweetwater Scored in 2017

Sweetwater had a strong 2017, tallying sizable figures both in terms of sales and adding employees

Fort Wayne, IN (January 16, 2018)—Sweetwater had a strong 2017, tallying sizable figures both in terms of sales and adding employees. The MI/pro audio online retailer saw its highest total sales ever as it reached $619 million, up 22% over 2016. At the same time, Sweetwater increased its workforce 14% to 1,255 employees.

A considerable amount of the company’s sales came from the holiday season—December 2017 sales were $71 million, up 22% from December 2016, and both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were reportedly the company’s biggest ever. Sweetwater’s annual total sales increases have ranged from 17.5% to 28% every year since 2010.

In all, Sweetwater had more than 360,000 brand-new, first-time customers last year, and its employees, primarily the sales force, handled more than 4.3 million phone calls.

Sweetwater’s biggest outreach every year its annual GearFest, a yearly open house/trade show that attracted more than 14,000 participant from 45 different states in 2017, up 20% over 2016.

In line with its various growing stats, the retailer purchased 55 acres of land adjacent to its Ft. Wayne, IN campus for a total of 166 acres; opened its fourth warehouse, 43,500 square feet in size; and plans to start a number of new building projects in mid-2018.

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack concluded, “2017 was an exciting year of growth throughout our company. I am so grateful to our customers, vendor partners and especially our amazing employees for their friendship and loyalty. I am looking forward to a wonderful 2018.”

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