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Sweetwater Rolls Out 24-Hour Gear Store

It’s 10 PM—do you know where your gaff tape is? Maybe not, but if you’re in Fort Wayne, IN, here’s where you can get some more late at night.

Ft. Wayne, IN (August 2, 2019)—Internet pro-audio/MI retailer Sweetwater has introduced a music/audio gear vending machine in the lobby of The Clyde, a performance venue the company helped restore in its hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Dubbed the Sweetwater 24-Hour Gear Store, the machine offers a curated assortment of gear and accessories—in all, 20 different items, including a Shure SM58 mic and 215 earphones; sE Electronics V7 Billy Gibbons signature model microphone; EbTech Hum Eliminator and 6-in-1 cable tester; Zoom H4N Pro recorder; TrueTone 1Spot pedalboard power supply; earplugs, Bluetooth speakers, strings, picks and other goodies, including—yes—two kinds of gaff tape.

A touch screen hosts pictures and short descriptions for each item available; customers can pay with credit and debit cards as well as both Apple and Google Pay.

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“This is a great way to combine innovation and convenience to help better serve our customers,” explained Sweetwater Founder & CEO Chuck Surack. “Touring musicians might find themselves with an emergency just before or during a show. We can provide essentials and they never have to leave the venue.”

Sweetwater hopes to install similar 24-Hour Gear Stores in other locations.

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