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Syrian Refugees Intern at Salzbrenner

Buttenheim, Germany (April 29, 2016)—Working with the Educational Association of the Bavarian Economy, Salzbrenner Media GmbH recently brought on three Syrian refugees for a four-week internship.

Aiming to help them understand German corporate culture and dynamics, the company hosted Mohamad Sattout, Dani Hassan and Mohammad Zrequaat, introducing them to precision-engineering, equipment manufacture and IT at the company headquarters in Buttenheim,Germany.

“The integration of refugees is a great opportunity for us to address the growing shortage of skilled workers and to find talented young people,” Mike Wagner, head of HR, explained. “We are pleased to be able to offer refugees orientation internships and to introduce them to our company.”

The three interns reportedly made the most of the opportunity. Sattout had already gathered some IT experience in his home country and now hopes for an apprenticeship in the company’s IT department: “The reception at Salzbrenner Media has been very warm, and I am happy to gain insights into the company’s other departments and operations.”

His colleague, Dani Hassan, is interested in German working life in general and sees this internship as an opportunity to secure an apprenticeship that will lead to a steady job.