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TeamSpeak Tapped for Overwatch League Comms

TeamSpeak will become the Overwatch league’s official voice supplier through 2022.

New York, NY (December 19, 2019)—The Overwatch League, Blizzard Entertainment’s global professional esports league, has announced that it will use technology from online communication services and tools provider TeamSpeak to power all in-game communications as the league’s official voice supplier through 2022.

TeamSpeak, based in San Diego, CA, will develop a custom solution for the Overwatch League based on its existing technology platform. TeamSpeak provides a secure, off-line environment for voice communications that can be recorded, distributed, transported and managed by one central admin while maintaining low levels of latency and resource usage.

Broadcast Tech Adopted for Esports Tournaments

“In-game communication is crucial, especially at the professional level where the stakes are high and latency, performance, and quick interaction can make or break a team’s ability to win,” stated Pete Emminger, vice president of global broadcast at Blizzard Entertainment. “As Overwatch League teams get set to host matches in their home markets around the world starting in February, having TeamSpeak as the official voice supplier for all Overwatch League matches will give players the highest quality voice comms available.”

TeamSpeak voice channels and messages are end-to-end encrypted so that conversations and data cannot be intercepted, providing game integrity. TeamSpeak’s permission system, LAN/off-line capability and -low resource usage provides portability and flexibility for esports event organizers. In addition, the multi-track recording feature isolates individual and team voice streams, to enable future playback for admins and coaches.

The collaboration will also include a global marketing partnership featuring activations at various Overwatch League events throughout the term, including sweepstakes where fans will have the chance to win tickets to league events and Overwatch League prizes.

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