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There’s More Off the Show Floor, Part 1

By Katie Makal. Find out what Amazon Devices, Analog Devices, Meyer Sound and Sennheiser & Neumann are highlighting inside their private demo rooms at AES.

The AES Convention offers several days of overlapping opportunities for attendees to hear from top audio industry figures and share in the latest research and technology information through papers, tutorials, workshops and special events, not to mention face-to-face discussions with colleagues from around the world. But if you want to really dig deep into a piece of gear or hear that P.A. full-throttle, you need to head to the demo rooms. Here’s the first of a multi-part overview of what to expect when you get there.

Amazon Devices, Lab126 – 1E05

Amazon Lab126 will be demonstrating its new Echo Studio 3D loudspeaker to invited guests during the show.

Analog Devices – 2D03

In its demo room (2D03), Analog Devices is showcasing its latest world-class precision audio signal processing hardware and software technologies for high-performance audio products. Highlighted will be the newest SHARC ADSP-SC58x (ARM +DSP) audio module development platform with A2B connectivity and Dante support; the latest SigmaDSP-based headphone solutions, and new Class D amplifier technology. A special feature will be the consumer debut of A2B, a low-latency digital audio bus standard.

Public open house hours are Wednesday 4-6 p.m. and Friday 9-11 a.m., with a special A2B presentation in the room on Thursday at 12:15. Note that other hours are by appointment only. Email [email protected] to request a meeting.

Expansive & Comprehensive, AES 2019 is Ready to Launch

Meyer Sound – 1E03

Meyer Sound is showcasing a new generation of point source loudspeakers at AES, underscoring continuing innovations in a line extending back four decades to when John Meyer and Broadway sound designer Abe Jacob created the groundbreaking UPA loudspeaker.

Meyer Sound’s demo room this year (1E03) is significantly larger than last year’s room to accommodate more products and a spacious Sonic Lounge.

Of keen interest to all audio professionals will be the ULTRA-X40, the heir apparent to the UPA loudspeaker. Based on technologies developed for the LEO Family line arrays, ULTRA-X40 is the most significant point source loudspeaker for Meyer Sound since the self-powered series debuted in 1995, according to the company.

Heard for the first time together at any trade show will be all three variants of the new UPQ-D series of point source loudspeakers. Featuring the same drivers and footprint as the original UPQ loudspeakers, the upgraded versions incorporate new class D power amplifiers for lighter weight and less current draw.

In between loudspeaker demo sessions, visitors can enjoy refreshments and convivial conversations in the Sonic Lounge.

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Sennheiser and Neumann – 1E04

The Sennheiser and Neumann demo room is fitted with a 7.1.4 loudspeaker setup with KH 310, KH 420 and KH 870 models, plus a stereo configuration with KH 310, KH 120 and KH 80 DSP monitor loudspeakers.

High-profile mixing, recording and mastering engineers will be playing their immersive audio content each day and presenting their approach to engineering for immersive. Two sessions are dedicated to presenting the Neumann speaker line.

Four hour-long sessions take place in the demo room on Wednesday: 11 a.m. Neumann monitor speaker presentation, 1 p.m. Morten Lindberg, 3 p.m. Andres Mayo, and 5 p.m. Jim Anderson.

Thursday’s demo room sessions: 10 a.m. Jim Anderson, 12 p.m. Elliot Scheiner and Gavin Lurssen, 2 p.m. Michael Bishop, and 4 p.m. Michael Romanowski.

And on Friday, Sennheiser and Neumann’s demo sessions are: 9 a.m. Neumann monitor speaker presentation, 11 a.m. Lasse Nipkow, 1 p.m. Eric Schilling, and 3 p.m. Darcy Proper and Ronald Prent.