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THX Acquired by Razer

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has acquired THX, the two companies announced Monday.

San Diego, CA (October 18, 2016)—Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has acquired THX, the two companies announced Monday. 

San Diego, CA-based Razer has acquired the majority of THX’s assets and will absorb its employees. THX will continue to operate as an independent entity under its own management, separate from the ongoing business of its parent company, it said. Financial details were not disclosed.

Asked why it sold to Razer, THX CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor said that it “gives us a rock-solid foundation for executing on our three core areas of business. While we will function as a stand-alone unit, we can leverage their pre-existing distribution networks for our own products, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we launched a few joint products with them.”

THX plans to expand its current certification program to include HDR, and will also launch new programs for headphones, Bluetooth speakers, streaming video, set-top boxes, connected speakers, augmented reality and virtual reality. Ahmad-Taylor said it’s also streamlining the certification process to provide the same value in a shorter time frame.

When asked implications on the gaming market, he said THX is “interested in providing superior audio/visual experiences. As gaming bridges into VR, we expect to play a leadership role in the audio portion of that experience, which is crucial for completing the immersion into virtual worlds.”



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