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Tonmeistertagung 2020 Still On

The four-day audio engineering trade show in Düsseldorf is still set for October, though registration has been pushed back to May.

Düsseldorf, Germany (April 13, 2020)—While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have much of the planet under lockdown and shelter-in-place orders, organizers behind Tonmeistertagung 2020 are looking ahead to the future, and are sticking with their planned trade show date of October 7-10, 2020 at the Congress Center in Düsseldorf, Germany. That said, there are still changes afoot in reaction to the pandemic.

Registration for exhibitors has been postponed until May, as opposed to opening at the end of March as originally planned. The organizers state that waiting until next month will allow them to properly assess the situation and decide the feasibility of the event with the information at hand.

Coronavirus and Pro Audio: Developing News

In a statement, the organizers noted, “the time window between registration and confirmation of participation will decrease and the opening phase will be shortened overall. We are in constant exchange with the Congress Centrum Dusseldorf (CCD) and all other stakeholders, and are closely following the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the relevant federal and state authorities.”

With that in mind, lectures at the event will take place in specially equipped and prepared lecture rooms, but the four-day program will include a variety of relevant topics dealing with professional audio engineering.

The organization noted it will announce its next steps in May, but explained its stance, stating, “Together, we represent an industry that is extremely vulnerable to the corona crisis, be it trade fair organizers, the press, manufacturers, distributors, service providers or artists. Clearly, the pro audio industry was hit particularly hard….At the same time, we are very much aware that our decision on [Tonmeistertagung 2020], whatever it will be, is going to send a signal to our entire industry. We want to design this signal in the best possible way for our industry, but it is also clear that protecting our health is an absolute priority. Nevertheless, we want to be fearless and proceed with a sense of proportion, as far as we can.

“The simple solution, which would offer all of us maximum planning security and minimize the risk, would be to give up on the October date now. But this would signal our customers, the media, and our employees that we do not expect the industry to recover in the next six months.

The more courageous but also riskier solution would be to monitor the situation until May, and if there is a chance for a fresh start in October, to seize it.

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