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Triton Streams with Fraunhofer

Fraunhofer IIS will provide customers of Triton Digital's Streaming Division with surround sound delivery of internet radio programming.

Erlangen, Germany (August 15, 2011)–Fraunhofer IIS will provide customers of Triton Digital’s Streaming Division with surround sound delivery of internet radio programming.

Triton Digital encoders will incorporate Fraunhofer’s MPEG Surround and HE-AAC audio codecs. “We selected Fraunhofer audio codecs to provide our customers with a flexible and future-proof audio solution that meets consumers’ high quality expectations in any given listening environment,” said Yves Eric LalibertÈ, president of Triton Digital’s Streaming Division.

Triton Digital’s Streaming Division offers a suite of streaming and advertising tools including media management tools, measurement, player creation as well as ad insertion and management. With multiple points of presence across four countries using operational and dimensioning guidelines above industry standards, Triton streaming audio and video is designed for broadcasters.

“Now more than ever, internet radio has to compete with various HD media offerings for the consumer’s attention at home, on-the-go and even in cars. The audience expects the highest audio quality, similar to HDTV or DVD, especially when using high-end speakers,” said Harald Popp, head of the Multimedia Realtime Systems department at Fraunhofer IIS. “This quality expectation often includes surround sound, and our efficient codecs enable broadcasters to deliver this immersive experience to their listeners at affordable and reliable bitrates.”

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