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TSL Products Acquires DNF Controls

The acquisition grew out of an OEM agreement that both entered into last May.

Marlow, UK (April 2, 2019)—U.K.-based broadcast workflow solutions manufacturer TSL Products has acquired DNF Controls, a U.S.-based company that has offered a range of human-to-machine and machine-to-machine solutions for more than 27 years.

According to a company statement, the acquisition “provides opportunity for TSL to expand its presence in the broadcast control systems market for customers worldwide, and to offer audio and power solutions locally to the Americas.” The U.S. is reportedly TSL’s single largest market across all product ranges.

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DNF customers in the U.S. region will have increased access to TSL’s product range, offering audio and power solutions in addition to control systems, with the ability to place orders and utilize its support department out of Northridge, CA. Meanwhile, TSL customers will be able to use DNF’s dedicated hardware control panel and integration capabilities, allowing them to add further functionality to their systems.

TSL Products has its own broadcast control system, TallyMan. DNF is providing new opportunities to expand TSL’s control offering, specifically MOS integration to work with news systems, SCTE control, used for advert and regional content insertion and automated schedules and rundowns for playout services. The joining of TSL and DNF also brings combined development and configuration teams.

“DNF’s relationship with TSL Products grew to an OEM agreement in May 2018, and we are thrilled that it has now grown further into the companies fully uniting,” says Dan Fogel, CEO and founder of DNF. “The acquisition will provide a wider offering for our current customers while also introducing our products to new markets globally.”

There will be a period of transition to bring the DNF and TSL product families together, with DNF’s California base becoming the TSL Inc. head office for the Americas. However, TSL and DNF have a joined vision, which feeds into the overall control platform product roadmap. Existing DNF and TSL customers will be able to maintain and grow their existing systems, while TSL shifts to offering solutions that may incorporate components from all product families.

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