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Webinar: New Opportunities for Production with 5 GHz Wireless Intercom

Learn how the 5GHz wireless spectrum provides new opportunities to greatly improve intercom communication for your live event productions.


Thursday, March 26, 2020, 11:00 AM PDT

With more bandwidth for increased data transmission, learn how the 5GHz wireless spectrum provides new opportunities to greatly improve intercom communication for your live event productions.

As productions increase in complexity, the need to deliver high-quality communications is placing unprecedented pressure on solutions in highly trafficked lower frequency bands. Learn how 5GHz wireless intercom solutions keep latency low while delivering accurate high-quality audio.

Webcast Key Takeaways

  • Market drivers: The need for more options in wireless intercom
  • 5GHz demystified
  • What you need to know: 5GHz intercom applications
  • How to ensure low latency and maintain accurate high-quality audio delivery
  • Planning and integration: Benefits of utilizing three bands

Hear from Clear-Com team

  • The driving force behind Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak Edge 5GHz technology
  • The FreeSpeak Edge 5GHz difference
  • Lessons learned from our Field Trials. Hear customer responses.

Join us—and bring your questions!



Moderator Kirsten Nelson

Moderator Kirsten Nelson has written about audio, video and experience design in all its permutations for more than 20 years. She creates AV content for AVIXA, and she was the editor of a leading AV industry magazine for 17 years.



Contributing Editor Cindi Davis

Contributing Editor Cindi Davis has developed and delivered content for the industry’s top print and online publications as well as at live events and trade shows. for more than 20 years. Davis enjoys exploring the ethos of converged technology spaces as well as diving deep into the complex topics that shape the AV/IT industry.


Simon Browne

Following a student interest in audio recording and music, Simon Browne worked first as a Project Manager within BBC Radio and Drama in London then with Audio Console Manufacturers, Calrec Audio, until finally settling into voice communications with Drake Electronics and then Clear-Com. After experience with project management and installations, Simon became the Product Manager for matrix intercom products and is now the VP of world-wide Product Management for Clear-Com, an HME Company, working out of San Diego, USA.

Justin EmgeJustin Emge is the Applications Engineering Manager at Clear-Com, a trusted global provider of professional real-time communication solutions in broadcast, live-performance, live-events, military and aerospace. Previously, Justin was a Broadcast Engineer, Technical Director, News Photographer, Operations Manager and EIC for the CBS Affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Justin also worked laterally with Kaufman Broadcast at Busch Stadium, the Edward Jones Dome and Enterprise Center as a Broadcast Engineer during large sporting and news events. As the Applications Engineering Manager, Justin oversees the Applications Engineers for North and South America.

Steve Watanabe
Steve Watanabe

As Product Marketing Manager at Clear-Com, Steve Watanabe develops and communicates product positioning, value propositions and key target messages for differentiating Clear-Com’s products in the market. He acts as the voice of the market, transferring knowledge about customer workflows to relevant teams so they can better understand the needs of our end-users and Partners.

In his previous positions at Quickfire Networks [acquired by Facebook] and VMIX Media, he was responsible for product management and development.