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WSDG Designs Brazilian Teaching Center

Brazilian higher learning institute ESPM has inaugurated a Broadcast Teaching Center for its São Paulo Journalism Campus.

Sâo Paulo, Brazil (September 18, 2015)—Brazilian higher learning institute ESPM has inaugurated a Broadcast Teaching Center for its São Paulo Journalism Campus.

Positioned as an elliptical, six-station teaching island, the 480-sq.-ft. classroom/production center provides students with full visual access to all production/ broadcast activity. The classroom enables students to immerse themselves in the broadcast environment, both as working participants and as observers.

“This project was initiated in 2011 by Gabriel Nyari, ESPM’s A/V technical supervisor at the time,” reports Renato Cipriano, WSDG-Walters-Storyk Design Group, Brazil partner/GM. “Nyari worked closely with WSDG project manager Breno Magalhães and [myself] throughout the two-plus-year design and construction process. Our mandate was to develop a comprehensive master plan including production and broadcast studios, office spaces and meeting/conference rooms. And, to design and fine-tune the studio’s acoustics.”

Cipriano says, “Because it is situated above and below active classrooms, we stipulated complete room-within-room studio construction. This floating system enabled us to isolate all sound emanating from the studio and exclude external sound from encroaching on student productions and broadcasts.”

Pre-planning sessions with Nyari and Luiz Fernando D. Garcia, general director of graduation, ESPM, São Paulo, inspired Cipriano to recommend an oval configuration for the glass-enclosed production/teaching suite. Magalhães explains, “The elliptical shape literally places it at the hub of the floor. Nine spoke-like ceiling treatments enhance the room’s acoustic quality and lend additional visual support to the wheel-like, design concept.”

“Our new studio complex was initially envisioned for the Journalism Course, but a number of other ESPM disciplines have also found it extremely useful,” says Daniel Gomes, ESPM technical supervisor for sound & video. “We make every effort to comply with their requests, and also coordinate studio access for extra-curricular and institutional events.”