Yamaha, Williams Back Jay Sean

Engineer Alfred “AL-Tee” Williams has been mixing R&B artist Jay Sean on a Yamaha PM5D.

“Al-Tee” Williams with R&B artist Jay Sean
New York (June 29, 2011)—Engineer Alfred “AL-Tee” Williams has been mixing R&B artist Jay Sean on a Yamaha PM5D.

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Williams has worked as a front of house and monitor engineer with artists such as Kool and the Gang, The SOS Band, Tank, Rachelle Farrell, Angie Stone, Fantasia, and others.

He commented, “The Yamaha PM5D is the board that I can count on seeing no matter where I travel. I have had some terrific experiences working with the Yamaha PM5D,” says the engineer. “The night before mixing Kool and the Gang on a morning telecast of The Rachael Ray Show, it rained on my console. Now what was I supposed to do? Fortunately, the show had an extra Yamaha PM5D console in the production truck, so we powered it up within minutes of airtime, loaded my Yamaha file, and the performance went on. It was one of my most magical moments!”

Williams said he likes being able to se all of the console’s 24-aux sends without going to another page. “This feature is great, especially when it’s your first time working with an artist and there isn’t a soundcheck. In a live application, you only have seconds to pull up a mix. With the Yamaha PM5D, it’s just as fast as you are, with no delays.”

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