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A-Designs JM-3001 Preamp/EQ

Targeted for both studio recording and live-sound use, the JM-3001 from A-Designs Audio is a preamplifier, equalizer and instrument input housed in a single-rack-space frame.

Hand-built in the U.S., the device features three inputs—microphone, instrument and EQ/insert—which may be used together or independently. The product is also equipped with a 3-band parametric EQ and high/low filters, as well as two independent transformer-balanced outputs (microphone and EQ).

The heart of the JM-3001 is its C12X discrete transistor operational amplifier designed by Carl Johnson that operates on ±30 VDC rails. The C12X is a high-gain, fast-slew audio block with virtually no DC offset over the audio spectrum and is reportedly capable of driving a 50-ohm load at 50 Hz with very little current draw. It is used in the microphone preamp, instrument input amp and main output/EQ output stages of the product.

Price: $2,600

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