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Adam Audio Ships F Series

ADAM Audio is shipping its new F Series professional monitors.

Hicksville, NY (February 22, 2013)—ADAM Audio is now shipping its new F Series professional monitors.

First shown during this year’s AES and NAMM shows, the ADAM Audio F Series includes the F5 and F7 nearfield monitors and SubF dedicated subwoofer. The F5 and F7 feature the company’s new ART tweeter. Hand-assembled in Berlin like ADAM’s X-ART tweeter, it is smaller but according to ADAM, provides the same clarity and resolution as its predecessor with slightly less efficiency and maximum SPLs.

Designed for smaller rooms, the compact F5 includes the ART tweeter powered by a 25W (rms) A/B amplifier, and a 5-inch midwoofer also powered by a 25W (rms) A/B amplifier.

The F7 is equipped with the new ART tweeter, driven by a 40 watt A/B amplifier. Its 7-inch woofer and a 60W (rms) A/B amplifier are said to produce a low and tightly defined bass response.

The SubF subwoofer features a 8-inch woofer driven by a 150W (rms) PWM (pulse width modulation) power amplifier that reportedly stays cool while handling maximum power levels.

“We are very excited about F Series’ ability to provide a true breakthrough in performance for price that allows us to bring the ADAM Audio experience to a whole new group of users,” said ADAM Audio president Bob Caputo. “F Series will allow us to greatly expand our distribution and grow our sales while maintaining the high standard of performance we are known for worldwide.”

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